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Knives are a staple to all kitchens around the world, regardless of whether you are a professional chef or a home cook. A good knife not only ensures food is prepared with care - it should have a strong grip that moulds to the shape of your hand. Our range of chef and kitchen knives are not only sharp, but they are also designed to meet the needs of the everyday cook.

Whether it is fine slicing, fast dicing, chopping or carving, a good, sharpened knife is a must in any kitchen. Ideal for cutting through bread, dicing vegetables or chopping meat, here at Harris Scarfe, you are sure to find the right knife for your culinary needs at the best price.

To get the most out of your knives, it is important that they are kept sharp. Blunt knives not only make cutting food difficult - they wear out faster. Which is why you need to invest in a knife sharpener. The most underrated utensil in the kitchen, a good knife sharpener will ensure your blades remain sharp.

Carefully Crafted for Ultimate Precision

Our range of kitchen knives is made by leading manufacturers that specialise in kitchen accessories. Our range of Wiltshire stays sharp knives are ergonomically designed and long lasting. Coming with a scabbard with a sharpening cassette to ensure it stays sharp, Wiltshire knives are perfect for everyday use. If you cook a lot or require constant use of a knife, Cuisinart knives are the perfect kitchen companion. With a variety of blades, these knives come in cleaver, santoku, boning, slicing/carving and vegetable styles. Each knife is individually handcrafted, with a high-quality stainless-steel construction and a forged blade using the highest quality stainless steel.

Scanpan knives are the ideal knife to use in any kitchen. Made from German stainless-steel and ergonomic rubberised handles, cut through crusty bread or carve a roast chicken with ease and precision. Be sure to keep your knives sharp with Scanpan's diamond steel knife sharpener that will ensure your knives are kept at their best and thanks to its ergonomic handle and soft touch grip. You don't have to be a professional chef to have the best kitchen knives, so come into Harris Scarfe to view our full range.