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Be summer ready for swimming and beach relaxation with our stylish and functional beach towels. Shop beach towels on sale at Harris Scarfe now.

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Find The Best Beach Towels For Staying Comfortable and Dry In Summer

Beach towels are a staple during the summer months and a must-have beach essential for those long days in the sun. Doubling as a blanket to put on top of the sand, a quality beach towel is thick in texture and will ensure you are dried off quickly. Here at Harris Scarfe, our collection of towels not only look good but are the perfect companion for the beach. While a standard bath towel or bath sheet may be used for beach days, you'll feel the difference from investing in a purpose-made beach towel the moment you set it down on the sand.

Benefits Of Using A Beach Towel

Using a beach towel is a practical and versatile choice when spending time at the beach or pool. Here are some of the reasons to consider investing in a quality beach towel:

  • Larger size: Beach towels are typically larger than regular towels, allowing you to stretch out and cover more surface area when sunbathing or lounging on the beach.
  • Absorption: Beach towels are designed from highly absorbent materials, making them ideal for drying off after a swim in the ocean or pool.
  • Sand resistance: Some beach towels are made from sand-resistant fabrics, so you can easily shake off sand and other debris without it clinging to the towel.
  • Quick-drying: Many beach towels are made with fast-drying materials such as microfibre, allowing them to dry more quickly in the sun or breeze.
  • Versatility: Beach towels can be used for a variety of beach or outdoor activities, such as picnicking, as a makeshift changing room, or as a barrier between you and the hot sand.
  • Personalisation: Available in a wide range of styles and designs, allowing you to express your personality and add a summery pop of colour to your beach gear.

The right towel for you will vary based on your individual needs. For a more detailed breakdown, check out our guide on how to pick out the best type of towel.

Shop The Best Brands For Beach Towels At Harris Scarfe

Get summer ready with help from the top towel and bathroom manchester brands available at Harris Scarfe. Browse the range from Sheridan which features premium, long-lasting beach bags and towels made from 100% cotton. We also stock beach towels with fun designs and interesting fabric blends such as cotton and velour from popular brands like Dri Glo. If you're looking to refresh your entire towel collection for the season, Soren has a great range of everyday bath towels, hand towels and swimming towels to suit every occasion.

Beach Towel FAQs

What is a beach towel?

A beach towel is a large towel used for drying off after swimming, sunbathing or other beach activities. It is typically larger and made of more durable materials than regular towels. Often featuring colourful designs and made of materials like cotton, microfiber, or bamboo.

How to fold a beach towel?

Fold your beach towel in half lengthwise, and then in half again lengthwise. Next, fold your towel into thirds widthwise and flip it over to smooth out any wrinkles. Your beach towel should now be neatly folded and ready to pack or store away.

What's the difference between a beach towel vs a bath towel?

Beach towels are typically larger and made from a thinner fabric than a standard towel. They are designed to dry quickly in the sun. Bath towels are made for everyday use and are usually smaller, with a thicker fabric. They can absorb more water when you use them after a shower or bath but take longer to dry.

Discover Cotton & Microfibre Beach Towels At Harris Scarfe

Shop classic striped beach towels, beach towels with fun patterns, or plain, brightly coloured beach towels. With our available styles that replicate the colours of summer, drying off never looked so good. You will love our complete range of outdoor accessories that will complement your towel perfectly. To find your ideal beach towel, visit Harris Scarfe online & in-store today to view our entire home range.