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Shop Quality Hand Towels For Your Bathroom

An essential part of every bathroom, plush hand towels folded neatly on the vanity or hung on towel rails can alter the look and feel of your space. And, with leading textile brands like Sheridan, Linen House, Dri Glo, and Chyka Home to choose from, Harris Scarfe offers the opportunity to refresh your collection while also introducing a slice of luxury into your bathroom. Our hand towels are made from 100% cotton, Egyptian cotton, and cotton blends. They are available in various colours and textures to ensure a seamless aesthetic in your bathroom.

Hand Towels FAQs

How often should I wash my hand towels?

If your hand towels are frequently used, wash them at least once a week - or more if there are a lot of hands in your household that need drying! Hand towels can host bacteria or even mould if not laundered regularly. Keep in mind that the most fastidious of hand-washing routines will not benefit if you're drying your hands on a dirty towel. If you're wondering how many hand towels you need, three per bathroom is a good rule to follow - one in use, one spare and one in the wash.

Where to put hand towels in your bathroom

If you don't already have one, a dedicated hand towel rail or hand towel hook is the way to go. If you don't want to drill into tiles (or you're renting), you can use towel rails or rings that secure to the wall with sturdy suction cups. Locate the hand towel rail close to the wash basin for vanity for convenient hand drying. If you have the luxury of a larger bathroom you can display your folded hand towels on a bamboo storage shelf or in a basket to create an elegant home spa aesthetic.

How to fold hand towels

A simple way to fold a hand towel for storage is in thirds, and then into thirds again as below:

  • Place the hand towel flat on a clean surface and spread the towel out horizontally. Smooth it out with your hands.
  • Fold one-third of the towel by bringing the top edge in towards the centre. Then take the bottom edge towards the centre and layer it over the other folded section to create a long skinny shape. Make sure all sides and edges line up neatly.
  • Fold the towel into thirds in the other direction if you need to store it in a small space like your linen cupboard or a bathroom vanity drawer.

Top tip #1: Stack your hand towels and face washers into your linen cupboard with the folded side facing out. This will keep them neat and make them easier to remove without accidentally unfolding the towel.

Top tip #2: A great alternative to folding hand towels is to roll them up. To roll a hand towel, first fold into thirds as above. Then simply roll up the short edge to form a neat bundle, which can then be stacked into a decorative basket.

Pamper Your Hands With Luxurious Hand Towels From Harris Scarfe

Treat your hands to beautifully textured, soft and absorbent hand towels from Harris Scarfe. With a wide range of quality brands, textures and materials, buying one that lasts and offers value for money is easy. You can also find bath towels, bath sheets, bath mats and face washers to create the perfect marching set from Harris Scarfe's extensive towels range. Make your purchases online where you can choose from the convenient options of home delivery or in-store click & collect. Make sure you sign up to HS Friends as well for exclusive offers, discounts and sales notifications!