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Pamper Yourself With Face Washers & Face Towels

Finding the right face towel is a vital part of your skincare routine. Cleansing the delicate skin on your face with a soft face washer helps to mildly exfoliate and unclog pores - as well as removing dirt, makeup and pollution. A dermatologist-recommended technique, washing your face with a washcloth and a gentle cleansing formula is truly the way to go. At Harris Scarfe you can find face washers in a range of materials, as well as elegant colours and textures to complement your bathroom's decor.

What Kinds Of Face Washers Can I Find At Harris Scarfe?

Harris Scarfe offers face towels from a range of trusted brands like Sheridan, Linen House, Chyka Home and Jane Lamerton Home. Plush, soft and absorbent, our face washers are available in popular materials including Egyptian cotton and 100% absorbent cotton in a range of weights or GSMs. Fash washers have many benefits including being gentle on skin and creating a cohesive look in your bathroom. Fash washers can also save you from using disposable make up wipes and reduce your environmental impact.

Face Washers FAQs

What is a face washer?

Face washers or face towels are a small towel specifically designed to be used to cleanse and dry your face. Keeping a separate face washer for this purpose is the best way to prevent re-introducing dirt or oils from other towels back onto your face.

How to use a face washer?

Face towels can be used in conjunction with cleansers to gently remove the day's dirt and grime - plus this little bit of pampering is also a great way to de-stress! Keep a separate face towel to delicately pat your face dry and apply your favourite moisturiser to finish.

How to wash and clean face towels?

Face towels can harbour debris, dirt and bacteria after use, so ensure you launder your face washer after 2-3 uses. Remember to invest in more than one face washer to keep in rotation, as using clean, dry, freshly laundered ones is the only way to go.

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