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A good, sturdy chopping board is a must-have in any kitchen. Without one, trying to finely chop vegetables or meats becomes a very tedious and dangerous task. Chop, slice and dice safely with our range of cutting boards at Harris Scarfe. Made from different woods and plastic these chopping boards can also double as a serving tray.

With minimalistic designs and easy-to-store, our cutting boards won't take up unnecessary space in your cupboards. In fact, many people keep their chopping boards on display when they're not being used as a decorative piece. Manufactured to withstand the sharpness of a knife blade, the strength of a rolling pin or the power of a meat cleaver, our chopping boards are ideal for any meal preparation.

To ensure your board is maintained, simply wash by hand using liquid soap and a soft sponge. Although simple, it is a necessary step in keeping your cutting board clean and well-preserved. This is particularly important if you tend to chop a lot of fish, meats or chicken, which requires your board to be thoroughly washed after chopping.

Chopping, slicing, and dicing made easy

Our cutting boards come in a variety of materials, shapes, and sizes, which are specific to the needs of the consumer. Plastic chopping boards are ideal for chopping or dicing vegetables as the surface helps to protect from stains and aromas without knife dulling. Our Acacia wood is a natural material that is perfect for meats. Available in natural and end grain, the hard surface and thickness of the wood is both knife and cleaver friendly and won't crack or warp.

With brands such as Smith and Nobel, Typhoon, Peer Sorensen and Chef Inox available in store and online, you can cut and chop in style.