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Hand-Crafted Japanese Steel Knives, Knife Blocks & Knife Sharpeners By Furi

When it comes to the culinary arts, those in the know understand that a great knife is a chef's secret weapon. Furi is an innovative brand established in 1996, by Australian engineers and leading international chefs. Their range of knives, magnetic knife racks, knife blocks and sharpeners are lauded by chefs in the industry for their high performance and reliability. Get started with our guide to the best types of kitchen knives on the Food Hub and find out why the Furi Santoku style of knife is a global favourite.


Chosen By Chefs: Find Out What Makes Furi Knives The Best

Furi knives are considered some of the best in the industry due to their premium quality and innovative engineering. Here are some of the reasons why Furi knives are one of the first choices for professional chefs and passionate home cooks:

  • Seamless design: The blades of Furi knives are seamlessly designed, which means that there are no rivets or gaps where food or dirt can get trapped. This makes the knives easier to clean and maintain.
  • Diamond fingers™ technology: Furi knife sharpeners, like the Furi Pro Compact Diamond Fingers knife sharpener feature Diamond Fingers™ technology. Designed in Australia by chefs and engineers, this uniquely-shaped knife sharpener with an industrial-grade diamond coating easily sharpens all non-serrated knives.
  • High-quality materials: Furi knives are made with high-end Japanese stainless steel, coveted for its durability and sharpness. The blades are also hand-honed to a 16-degree edge, giving them an incredibly sharp edge that stays sharp with proper care for a long time.
  • Ergonomically designed handles: The handles of Furi knives are ergonomically designed to fit comfortably and safely in your hand, even when during periods of extended use. The handles are also made with a non-slip material that helps you keep a firm grip on the knife.
  • Long-lasting warranty: Furi knives come with a 25-year warranty guarantee. This means that you can be confident that your Furi knives will last for many years to come.


Discover Leading Brands For Chef-Approved Knives At Harris Scarfe

At Harris Scarfe, we stock a number of brands along with Furi that help obscure the lines between restaurant and home cooking with our range of chef-quality kitchen tools. Global knives are handcrafted in Japan using a traditional sharpening technique. With their notable durability and seamless construction, they're more than worth checking out if you're in the market for restaurant-standard knives. For additional jobs in the kitchen such as paring and peeling ingredients, look no further than the range from Wusthof. Honed in Germany, we offer a range of Wusthof paring knives, peeling knives, steak knives and serrated knives that can cut through any task thrown at them in the kitchen. If you're looking for a knife and knife block with a more classic look, Scanpan has some affordable options in a range of styles that will look right at home in your kitchen.


Furi Knives FAQs

Where are Furi knives made?

Furi knives are designed in Australia and hand-crafted from premium Japanese steel. They are produced in China under strict manufacturing guidelines.


How to use Furi knife sharpener?

Sharpen your Furi knife by gliding it from base to point of the knife sharpener, carefully removing it from the sharpening fingers. Only the sharp portion should touch the fingers. Check out our guide on how to sharpen knives for a more detailed explanation.


Can Furi knives go in dishwasher?

No, Furi knives should not go in the dishwasher. The high heat and moisture of the dishwasher can damage the blades and handles of the knives. It is best to hand wash Furi knives with warm, soapy water and dry them immediately.


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If you're looking for quality knives that will last for years to come, Furi is a great brand to check out. Browse our extensive kitchen and dining ranges to find more quality kitchen accessories and food preparation tools. Explore the entire range of chef-approved kitchenware and accessories at Harris Scarfe online & in-store today.