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Wusthof is synonymous with precision and craftsmanship in kitchen cutlery. Renowned globally, Wusthof knives embody over 200 years of German engineering expertise, ensuring superior performance and durability. Each knife is meticulously crafted from high-carbon stainless steel, forged with precision to create a robust blade that retains sharpness over time. Wusthof's commitment to quality extends to ergonomic handles designed for comfort and control, making their knives a favourite among professional chefs and home cooks alike. Whether slicing, dicing or chopping, our range of Wusthof knives delivers exceptional balance and cutting precision, enhancing culinary experiences with every use. Elevate your kitchen with the timeless reliability of Wusthof knives, available at leading retailers worldwide.

Explore the range of Wusthof knives at Harris Scarfe, where precision meets culinary excellence. Discover the versatility of our Wusthof paring knives, renowned for their impeccable cutting performance and ergonomic handles for effortless control. Upgrade your kitchen arsenal with our Wusthof serrated paring knives, perfect for delicate tasks like slicing tomatoes and fruits with precision. For a paring knife in your kitchen that requires more precision, the Wusthof bull nose paring knives offer superior manoeuvrability and sharpness. Complete your collection with Wusthof peeling knives, perfect for easily peeling fruits and vegetables. Each knife embodies Wusthof's commitment to craftsmanship and quality, ensuring durability and lasting sharpness. Shop our entire Wusthof range including Wusthof knives, Wusthof paring knives, serrated paring knives and more at Harris Scarfe online or in-store today!

Wusthof Knives FAQs

How To Sharpen A Wusthof Knife?

To sharpen a Wusthof knife, use a sharpening steel or sharpening stone. Hold the knife at a 20-degree angle against the steel or stone, starting from the heel to the tip, maintaining consistent pressure. Repeat on both sides of the blade several times. For sharpening steel, use gentle strokes. For a sharpening stone, begin with a coarse grit and move to finer grits, ensuring the blade edge is smooth and sharp.

What Angle Are Wusthof Knives Sharpened At?

Wusthof knives are typically sharpened at a 14 to 20-degree angle per side. This angle range is designed to balance sharpness and durability, ensuring the knives maintain their cutting edge over time. It's important to maintain this angle when sharpening Wusthof knives to preserve their performance and longevity.

Can You Wash Wusthof Knives In The Dishwasher?

Washing Wusthof knives in the dishwasher is not recommended. The high heat, harsh detergents and abrasive motion can damage the blades and handles over time. Hand washing with mild soap and water immediately after use and drying them thoroughly is the best way to maintain the quality and longevity of Wusthof knives.

How Long Do Wusthof Knives Last?

With proper care and maintenance, Wusthof knives can last a lifetime. Regular sharpening with a sharpening steel and occasional sharpening with a stone can help maintain their sharpness. Avoiding dishwasher use, drying them immediately after washing and storing them safely in a knife block or on a magnetic strip also contribute to their longevity. High-quality materials and expert craftsmanship ensure Wusthof knives withstand years of use in the kitchen.

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At Harris Scarfe, we offer an amazing range of Wusthof knives to suit all your cutting needs including Wusthof paring knives, serrated paring knives and more. Visit us online or in-store to discover our full kitchen & dining range including kitchen utensils, kitchen scissors, knives, paring knives and so much more. Head over to the Hub for more style ideas and inspiration so you can get creative with your wardrobe! Some great articles you'll love include The Importance Of A Sharp Knife: How To Sharpen Your Kitchen Knives and Everything You Need To Know About Kitchen Knives.