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Kitchen Storage Solutions

Buying food is part of our day-to-day life. However, there is nothing more frustrating or infuriating than having to throw out food that you only purchased recently. This can often be attributed to the improper way the food was stored, causing it to go mouldy or ants getting to it.

To ensure your food is stored away properly, you need to make sure that that the food storage is in good condition. At Harris Scarfe, our kitchen storage products not only help keep your food fresh, but they are also made with the best material that helps keep the containers closed properly.

Compact and suitable for most foods, our storage containers are perfect to keep food in the fridge or pantry. In fact, most of our containers are microwave safe, so you can heat up leftovers without damaging the container. If you are looking for an affordable and practical way to store your food, Harris Scarfe has all your kitchen storage needs sorted.

Quality Storage Containers at the Best Price

When it comes to kitchen storage, we stock the best brands at the best price. Décor is a name everybody trusts, and for good reason. Their range of storage containers has long been a staple in pantries around the world for a long time. With larger containers for the pantry/fridge and smaller contains ideal as lunch boxes that microwave safe, Décor containers will keep your food fresher for longer, as well as double as a plate.

If you are looking for glass storage, look no further than Pyrex. Glass containers with a rubber lid, these storage containers are perfect for keeping your leftovers secure in the fridge. Available in both round and oblong shapes, the capacity of the containers will amaze.

Lock and Lock are renowned for their clip lock containers, which are a great alternative to your standard storage containers. The patented four-hinge locking system with a silicone seal ensures the container is 100% liquid and airtight, keeping food fresher for longer. Impact, scratch, heat, and stain resistant material ensure the containers are long-lasting and perfect to use as a lunch box.