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How do I style my bed with pillows and cushions?

There's no right or wrong way to style your bed, but we've put together some simple tips to make the process seamless. Not only are bed cushions and pillows cosy, but they can also make vivid styling statements, adding colour and character to your room while complementing your bed linen. They're also a simple yet effective way to change up your style based on the time of year.

For starters, bed cushion size is important. You don't want to overcrowd the bed, but you don't want to make it seem too sparse either. The right number of cushions will vary depending on the size of your bed, your headboard and your cushions. Single beds may only need one or two decorative cushions, while king-size beds may look great with up to eight (or more).

A generous headboard can make a great backdrop, and will allow you to stack cushions against it for effect. However, make sure the colour of the cushions you choose complements the headboard colour. And if you don't have a headboard, adding European pillows can give you height to work with.

Finally, once you've chosen the right colours and sizes, it's time to put everything together. It's best to stack cushions and pillows upright, placing the largest pillows at the back and smaller pillows in front. You can also break up patterns with neutral colours to add dimension.

How do I style throw blankets on a bed?

Throw blankets are designed to be warm, cosy and soft - perfect when you're watching a movie or reading a book. However, they can also add style and colour to your room when draped across your bed.

As the name suggests, 'throw blankets' are intended to look as if they've been casually thrown on, so there's no wrong way to do this. Experiment with layers, combining solid colours with complementary patterns.

Or, if you prefer a neater look, you can fold the blanket lengthways to give you more volume. One popular arrangement is 'the waterfall', where the throw blanket cascades down the end of your bed or across one of the corners.

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