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Circulon Cookware

Since 1984, Circulon cookware has been a leading innovator in the culinary world. Thanks to its non-stick coating and hard-anodised aluminium, this range of cookware are guaranteed to last. With a groove waved design, the non-stick coating is protected from abrasions, which in turn helps improve its longevity when cooking. Used by chefs in kitchens all over the world, the cookware is a must have for anyone in need of quality cookware.

You don't have to work in a professional kitchen to reap the benefits of cooking with Circulon. Thanks to Harris Scarfe, we have some of the best cooking sets, pots, pans and skillets in stock. We are a proud retailer of Circulon products, which ensures you can invest in the best cookware at affordable prices.

Whether you are looking to update your cook sets or need a new frying pan, you will love our complete range of Circulon cookware. Available in both anodised aluminium and stainless steel, you can be sure to find the perfect stovetop companion at the best price.

Cookware That Will Inspire

Once called the King of Cookware, Circulon has a long and proud history of manufacturing the very best pots and pans. Our range of hard anodised products is designed to cook on all stovetops. With a superior non-stick coating, the risk of abrasions is significantly reduced, allowing you to cook more food for an extended period of time. Known for its durability, this range of cookware is available in different sizes to suit your cooking needs.

Circulon cookware also has a great range of stainless steel cookware that delivers perfect cooking results. From a 14cm milk pan to an impressive 4.6l stock pot, Circulon's stainless-steel range is PFOA-free, which makes it one of the safest brands to cook with.

If you are looking for a completely new set of cookware, our collection of Circulon cook sets will give your kitchen a new lease of life. Available in both aluminium and stainless steel, each set comes with a milk pan, steamer insert, covered saucepan, open sauté pan, covered stockpot, and frying pan. Be inspired to create the best gourmet creations in your kitchen with new Circulon cookware from Harris Scarfe.