Make cooking at home easier with Harris Scarfe's great range of aluminium, non-stick and stainless steel saucepans. Featuring some of the biggest brands in cookware such as Raco, Bialetti, Smith & Nobel, Bluestone, Scapan and more, buy in-store or online today!

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High-Quality Saucepans Perfect For Your Kitchen

Small and large saucepans are used for cooking pretty much anything involving liquid, such as soups, sauces, gravy, steaming vegetables and boiling water to make pasta and noodles. With a deep dish and high sides, a saucepan can evenly distribute heat because of the surface area being relative to its height.

The humble steel saucepan has long been a staple of kitchens and stovetops in homes around Australia and the world. Most commonly used to boil water and reduce sauces, our range of saucepans allows you to get creative in the kitchen. Ergonomically designed and offering great flexibility in what you can cook, you can always rely on your saucepan when cooking.

Available in various colours, sizes, materials and designs, a quality saucepan will allow you to create restaurant-quality meals. From hearty stews, sauces, pasta, braised meat and even poached eggs, these are just some of the many foods you can create with your new saucepan cookware. Manufactured for the modern kitchen, our saucepans are made to tolerate high heat when cooking. Regardless of how often you use your saucepan, you can be sure it is going to allow you to produce beautiful, tasting food, first time, every time.

What Type of Saucepans Are Best?

When looking for the best saucepan, it helps to understand the material it's made of to know if it will meet your needs in the kitchen. For example, our stainless-steel saucepans have a polished, shiny look and are very easy to clean. Aluminium saucepans are another great choice as they are extremely good at conducting heat and very good at resisting scratches, but doesn't particularly retain heat that well.

What Other Kitchenware Can I Find At Harris Scarfe?

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Find the Right Saucepans at Harris Scarfe

It's amazing how the smallest change can have the biggest impact - and your cookware is no exception. A new saucepan may not seem like much, but the moment you start cooking with it, you'll want to start trying new and exciting recipes. Explore our entire range of saucepans today, including our exclusive Smith + Nobel By Miguel Maestre range of cookware and saucepans.

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