A versatile saucepan is a must-have stovetop essential in your kitchen. Shop our selection of saucepans at Harris Scarfe for effortless cooking at home.

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Saucepans are a much-loved staple in every kitchen, offering versatility and convenience for a wide range of cooking tasks. At Harris Scarfe, we understand the importance of a reliable saucepan and its place in a functional kitchen. With our wide selection of saucepans and saucepan sets in a range of materials and sizes, you're sure to find a pan to suit your needs. Check out our cookware buying guide to get started and determine the best cookware to suit your needs. Read more below to find out everything you need to know about saucepans and browse our fantastic range today.

What is a Saucepan and What Types Can I Find?

A saucepan is a deep cooking pan with a flat bottom, high sides, and a long handle. It is designed for cooking a variety of dishes, from boiling water and cooking sauces to simmering soups and stews. A saucepan can even be used for daily cooking tasks in a pinch, such as cooking rice or poaching eggs. The versatility of a saucepan makes it an essential tool for everyday cooking. Saucepans can be found in a variety of sizes and materials. Whether you need a small saucepan for creating finishing sauces, or a large nonstick saucepan for general cooking, you'll be sure to find something to suit your needs at Harris Scarfe. Popular saucepan types include:

  • Stainless steel saucepans: Great for everyday cooking, stainless steel is durable and can be washed in the dishwasher.
  • Non-stick saucepans: These are a great option for making scrambled eggs and other dishes where you need a non-stick surface.
  • Induction saucepans: If you have an induction stove, be sure to choose a saucepan that is suitable.
  • Milkpans: These are a type of small saucepan and they sometimes have small spouts to make pouring easy.

Saucepans: FAQs

How to clean a burnt saucepan?

To clean a burnt saucepan, fill it with water and a few tablespoons of baking soda, then bring the mixture to a boil. Let it simmer for a few minutes, then scrub the pan with a sponge or brush to remove the burnt residue.

What is a non-reactive saucepan?

A non-reactive saucepan is made of materials that do not react with acidic or alkaline ingredients, such as stainless steel or enamel-coated pans. This type of saucepan is ideal for cooking dishes that contain ingredients like tomatoes, citrus fruits, or wine, as it prevents any unwanted flavours from being transferred to the food. Shop high-quality non-reactive saucepans from trusted brands such as Swiss Diamond.

Stainless steel vs. cast iron vs. aluminium saucepan?

Stainless steel saucepans are more versatile and easier to maintain, as they don't rust or react with acidic foods. Cast iron saucepans, on the other hand, are great for providing even heat distribution and retaining heat for longer periods of time, making them great for stovetop-to-oven cooking. Aluminium saucepans heat up quickly, are nonstick and distribute heat evenly, making them great for cooking delicate dishes. If you opt for stainless steel, Scanpan is a reliable brand to look at. For aluminium saucepans, check out the great range from Smith+Nobel for options.

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At Harris Scarfe, we offer a range of cookware and kitchen tools for your culinary endeavours. In addition to saucepans, you can find complete cookware sets that include woks, frypans, saute pans and more. Once you're armed with the pots and pans you need, discover our variety of kitchen utensils and gadgets made from a range of materials to suit different types of cookware. Find saucepans and more cookware from amazing brands at low prices at Harris Scarfe. For more inspiration and tips in the kitchen, visit the Harris Scarfe hub today. Discover useful articles such as How to Cook With Stainless Steel and Seven Cookware Essentials You Need.