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Woks are a versatile, must-have kitchen essential, especially if you love making stir-fries, curries and other tasty meals. With deep sides, woks offer an easy way to stir and add ingredients without the risk of hot oil spilling and splattering outside the pan. Available in various designs and functionalities, options range from stove top woks to electric woks. You can also shop for material options like carbon steel woks, cast iron woks, non-stick variants, and flat-bottomed products like induction woks. Find the best wok for your needs and budget right here at Harris Scarfe.

What Makes Woks So Special In The Kitchen?

The rounded shape of the wok allows the surface to heat quickly, making it ideal for searing meat or flash-frying vegetables. The sides offer a natural heat gradient, ensuring the ingredients at the top don't scorch. Moreover, since woks are generally large in size, it's easy to cook large amounts of food for the whole family. Shop this versatile kitchen essential at Harris Scarfe and access great prices on your purchase. Popular brands include Smith & Nobel, Tefal, Raco, Swiss Diamond, Pyrolux, Circulon and more.

Types Of Woks To Buy For Your Kitchen

  • Carbon steel woks: These are known for their ability to stand high heat and flash fry ingredients, lending a delicious seared flavour to your food. Carbon steel woks typically blacken over time through a process called seasoning. This means this stove-top wok develops a natural non-stick coating, releasing food quickly from the pan.
  • Non-stick woks: These lightweight options are great for everyday cooking. Food won't stick, making it easy and hassle-free to cook and clean.
  • Cast iron woks: If you're after good heat conductivity and longer heat retention, a cast iron wok is a no-brainer. Ideal as a stovetop wok or for oven use, cast iron variants undergo seasoning, are durable and can last up to many years with proper care and maintenance.
  • Electric woks: A modern version of the traditional stir-fry pan, these woks heat from electricity instead of a stove. The electric wok is a highly portable utensil you can use outdoors or during a holiday. The cooking process is effortless - you don't have to hold the handle or move the wok around while stirring the ingredients. Electric woks also offer adjustable temperature control, making it a very reliable tool that you can use without worrying about overcooking.

Woks FAQs

Wok vs frying pan: what is the difference?

A wok has raised edges and a deep profile with a smaller rounded base, whereas a frypan has a large flat base and lower sides. Woks allow better tossing and stirring whereas frypans are suited to recipes that require a flat shape.

How to season a wok?

Cast iron and carbon steel woks need to be seasoned and naturally develop a non-stick coating over time. To season a wok, lightly brush oil onto the surface and hold over low heat, rotate your owl until the entire surface is coated.

What woks do professionals use?

For professional results, a carbon steel wok would be a great choice, allowing you to cook at high temperatures and achieve beautiful flavours.

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Harris Scarfe offers a wide range of versatile woks to suit various cooking needs. Each wok is thoughtfully designed and features some of the most well-known brands in Australia. You can also shop for other kitchen accessories and utensils like chopping boards, saucepans and gadgets. Buy online or visit the nearest Harris Scarfe store to view the entire category in person. Visit our Home Hub for mouthwatering recipes like lamb roasts and herb chicken to try in your kitchen today.