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Discover The Amazing Range Of Men's Trunks At Harris Scarfe

Men's trunks in Australia are highly popular due to their perfect blend of support, comfort and style. Designed with a snug fit, they provide excellent support without the excess fabric, making them ideal for everyday wear and a range of physical activities. The versatile design ensures they sit comfortably under any outfit, reducing the risk of bunching and chafing throughout the day. Made from breathable materials like cotton and moisture-wicking blends, men's trunks are essential for any man's wardrobe, offering reliable comfort and a snug fit. Wear them for work, sports or casual outings and experience the perfect combination of functionality and comfort.

Featuring well-known brands such as Holeproof and Bonds, Harris Scarfe's quality selection of men's trunks includes renowned Bond men's trunks and luxurious cotton options for all your underwear needs. Finding the right pair of men's trunks is essential for everyday comfort and confidence. Made from high-quality materials such as soft cotton, breathable bamboo, and moisture-wicking blends, our range of men's trunks and underwear prioritises comfort and durability. The snug yet flexible fit prevents discomfort, while the breathable fabrics keep you cool all day long. Available in a wide range of sizes from S to XXL, we ensure a perfect fit for every physique. Choose from an extensive palette of colours and patterns, from classic neutral colours to vibrant prints and patterns, you'll easily find a pair of men's trunks to suit your individual style. Shop our entire range of men's trunks in Australia including Bonds men's trunks, cotton men's trunks and men's trunks and underwear at Harris Scarfe online or in-store today!

Men's Trunks FAQs

What Are Men's Trunks?

Men's trunks are form-fitting underwear that typically sit lower on the waist and offer more coverage than briefs. They feature a snug fit through the hips and thighs, providing support and comfort. Made from materials like cotton or blends, men's trunks are designed to prevent bunching and offer a streamlined silhouette under clothing, making them a popular choice for everyday wear.

How To Fold Men's Trunks?

To fold men's trunks neatly:

  1. Lay the trunks flat with the front side up.
  2. Fold the waistband down to the leg openings.
  3. Fold one side over to the centre, then repeat with the other side.
  4. Fold the trunks in half or thirds, depending on your storage preference. This method keeps your trunks organised and compact for efficient storage in drawers or luggage.

How Should Men's Trunks Fit?

Men's trunks should fit snugly but comfortably around the waist without digging in. The leg openings should sit securely around the thighs without riding up or causing discomfort. The fabric should stretch enough to provide support and flexibility without feeling restrictive. A proper fit ensures the trunks stay in place throughout the day and provide optimal comfort and support for various activities.

Are Men's Trunks Tighter Than Briefs?

Yes, men's trunks typically fit tighter than briefs around the hips and thighs. Men's trunks are designed with a shorter leg length and a snugger fit through the thighs compared to traditional briefs, which offer more coverage and a looser fit overall. This snug fit of trunks helps prevent bunching and provides a sleeker shape and feel under clothing, making them a popular choice for men who prefer a modern, fitted style.

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At Harris Scarfe, we offer a comprehensive range of men's trunks in Australia to suit all your men's underwear needs including Bond's men's trunks, cotton men's trunks and more. Visit us online or in-store to discover our full range of men's underwear including men's briefs, men's boxers, men's underwear & sleepwear and our entire men's range. Head over to the Hub for more style ideas and inspiration so you can get creative with your wardrobe!