Buy The Perfect Bath Accessories Set To Beautify Your Bathroom

Buy The Perfect Bath Accessories Set To Beautify Your Bathroom

Bathroom accessories can be a great way to upgrade your bathroom's look and feel and create a cohesive and stylish look. Accessories such as towel bars, soap dishes, and toilet paper holders, for instance, will help organise the bathroom and make it easier to access the items you need. Here are some key tips for choosing the perfect bathroom accessories set for your space.

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What are bathroom accessories?

Bathroom accessories are essential items that infuse a dash of style and heaps of functionality into your spaces. They include products like shower curtains, towel rails, toilet roll holders, soap dishes and dispensers, toothbrush holders, mirrors, and more. These accessories can help to make your bathroom look organised and inviting while providing helpful storage solutions. With a wide range of designs and finishes available, it's easy to find the perfect bathroom accessories to match any decor style.

Types of bathroom accessories

Towel rails

When it comes to buying accessories for the bathroom, towel rails are an essential item. They provide a practical way to keep towels off the floor.. With a wide selection of shapes, sizes, and finishes, selecting the right towel rail for your bathroom is easy. Consider the size of your spaces, the type of material you want, and whether or not you need additional storage space.

Robe hooks

When looking for the perfect robe hook to complete your bathroom accessories set, there are a few factors to consider:

  • Determine what material and style of robe hook best suits your bathroom décor.
  • Consider the size of your bathroom and whether the robe hook can be installed securely.
  • Also, consider the quality of the product and whether a warranty backs it.

Shower caddies

It's essential to measure the space available in your shower or bath area, as this will determine the size of the caddy you'll need. Additionally, you should consider the type of materials you prefer - some caddies are made of plastic, while others have stainless steel or other metal finishes. Finally, think about the kind of storage you need and the number of shelves or compartments the caddy offers. With some research, you can find a shower caddy that will fit your space and budget.

Toothbrush holders and caddies

Finding the right toothbrush caddy to match your bathroom accessories is easy, given the wide variety of sizes, colours, and materials available. When shopping for caddies, compare prices, read reviews, and measure the area you plan to use them in. This will help ensure you find the perfect toothbrush caddy to complete your bathroom accessories set. Alternatively, opt for stylish tumblers aligned with your bathroom's decor theme. Wall mount your toothbrush caddy in case of counter space issues.

Soap dishes and dispensers

Soap dishes come in various styles and materials, from traditional ceramic to modern stainless steel. For added convenience, consider investing in a wall-mounted soap dish or a soap dispenser coupled with a built-in shelf. A chic soap dispenser can add style to your bathroom counter, especially when you catch it with your toothbrush holder and other accessories.

Cosmetics organiser for the bathroom

A cosmetics organiser is essential to any bathroom, providing a neat and tidy storage solution for all your beauty products. Whether you're looking for a contemporary or traditional design, choose from an extensive range of options that will fit into any bathroom style. Additionally, consider the size and shape of your vanity when making your purchase, as this will help you find the perfect organiser to complement your space perfectly.

Toilet brush & holder

Shop toilet brushes and holders made from durable materials, such as stainless steel or ceramic. Choose one that's easy to clean and maintain.


Mirrors have the ability to bring in light and create the illusion of a larger space, improving your bathroom aesthetics in a significant way. When buying mirrors for your bathroom, it's crucial to find one that matches its overall aesthetic. Harris Scarfe offers various options, whether you prefer a contemporary or traditional accessory. Measure the space available in your bathroom before purchasing to ensure it will fit properly.

Bathroom cleaning cloth

A bathroom cleaning cloth is designed to quickly and easily clean and remove dirt and bacteria without harsh chemicals. They are also known to be highly absorbent, reusable, and machine washable. When looking for a bathroom accessories set, include a quality bathroom cleaning cloth to ensure your bathroom is always clean and hygienic.


Ladders are often an overlooked piece of the bathroom accessories puzzle. However, they can add a unique and stylish touch to any bathroom environment. From traditional wooden ladders to modern metal designs, there's an option for everyone when it comes to buying bathroom ladders. You can bring your bathroom up to date with a few simple steps.

Laundry Basket

If you keep a laundry basket in your bathroom for convenient tidying, choose one that fits your easthietic style and blends in with the rest of your bathroom. A chic laundry hamper can easily hide your dirty clothes and keep your bathroom looking organised and clutter free.

What materials are best for bathrooms

When selecting bathroom accessories, consider materials as they impact longevity and ease of use. The most popular options include stainless steel, brass, plastic, and ceramic. Each type of material has advantages and disadvantages, for example, stainless steel is easy to clean and highly durable, while brass is stylish and long-lasting. Additionally, plastic is a budget-friendly option, while ceramic is often used in more luxurious bathrooms. Consider all these factors when selecting the best bathroom accessories set for your home.

Types Of Bathroom Accessories

Tips for buying bathroom accessories

  • Think about your style: Are you a vintage lover? Then go for antique-inspired bath accessories. Or do you have a more modern style? In that case, opt for sleek and contemporary pieces. There are no wrong answers here - make sure that the things you choose fit in with your décor.
  • Consider your budget: Bathroom accessories can blow up your budget, but there are plenty of affordable options out there as well. Research to find the best deals on what you're looking for.
  • Think about how often you'll use them: Some bath accessory sets are designed only for occasional use. In contrast, others may be more versatile and can be used regularly. Decide which type of set is best for you.
  • Consider your needs: Are you looking to overhaul the space with a brand-new bathroom accessories set? Or are you just looking for a few essential items for a quick spruce-up? Once you've decided on your style and budget, think about the needs the accessories will fulfil in your space.

Tips before you go shopping

Be sure of what you need

While a ladder looks lovely, check if you have room to fit it in your bathroom. You want to avoid making a purchase only to realise later that there's no way your bathroom would accommodate that accessory. That's why it's key to get a clear picture of what you need and what is possible before you start shopping.

Think about the surrounding spaces

Take into account how much space you have in your bathroom and the type of amenities you need. For instance, will it prevent the drawers or cupboard doors from opening if you install a towel rail in a particular spot? If installing a soap dish in your shower cubicle, ensure the shower door doesn't bump into it every time you swing it open.

Prioritise functionality

When selecting bathroom accessories, ensure they have an aesthetically pleasing design and fulfil their intended purpose.

Quality matters

While shopping, select products from a quality manufacturer/brand for optimal longevity. High-quality products will keep your bathroom looking stylish and functional for years together.

Buy the best bathroom accessories for your home

From towels and bath mats to soap dishes and toilet brush holders, bathroom accessories help create the perfect atmosphere for you to unwind and relax. When selecting these accessories, it's important to consider a combination of functionality, style, and quality. These products are regularly exposed to moisture and used daily, so remember to consider durable materials that ensure longevity. Explore the entire bathroom accessories range by shopping online or in-store at Harris Scarfe.