Bedding for Spring: Swapping out your heavy quilts as the weather warms up

Bedding for Spring: Swapping out your heavy quilts as the weather warms up

With the change of seasons comes a change in décor. Switching up your interior not only refreshes your space, but also your state-of-mind. It's time to put away those heavy duvets and those fluffy blankets. When thinking of bedding for spring, think lightweight fabrics, bright fresh colours, and crisp, versatile designs. Spring is also the perfect time of year to get inspired by lush greenery, giving you the opportunity to bring the outside in. Note the change of seasons with a change of mindset - implement a refreshing new take on your bedroom interior, more suitable for the warmer weather.


There is nothing better than wrapping yourself up in a blanket for those colder winter months, but when the temperature starts to warm, you know it's time for a refresh. Enliven your bedroom and comfortably stroll into spring with a new bedroom aesthetic. Now is the perfect moment to swap out your winter throws and faux-fur pillows. With spring in the air, say goodbye to flannels and hello to linen - the spring materiality of choice. As the sun starts to seep into your bedroom and the flowers blossom outside, a new spring-inspired bedroom is just the thing to brighten your mood.

Bedding For Spring

Duvets and Quilts

The first challenge to tackle when changing your bedding for spring is the duvet. This top layer is the first thing that gets kicked off as the temperature starts to heat up at night. This simple swap has the biggest impact!

Putting those heavy duvets and quilts back in the cupboard is the first step. Next, choose a light and thermal cooling summer quilt or duvet for those warmer nights. Try a down-filled duvet for a warm, but lightweight option over a woollen winter blanket. If a duvet isn't for you, then a simple summer quilt could suit you.

Sheets and Pillowcases

Lightweight linen sheets and pillowcases are the best material for spring bedding. You want smooth and soft sheets that keep you cool and comfortable, making linen the best choice. For the bedroom, choose a minimalist style to keep a clear and relaxing space for sleep. White or dove grey sheets and duvet covers are the perfect base.

For a little more embellishment, choose quirky and fun textured prints and colours for decorative pillows - this is a great opportunity to play with patterns and test out new styles without breaking the bank. Keep the faux fur for winter and instead choose florals, stripes and bold colours for accent features on your bed.

Throws and Blankets

Blankets and throws are the perfect addition to your bedding for spring, especially if the night suddenly turns cooler. Utilise a throw as an opportunity to bring in colour. Play with a new palette but keep it fresh and crisp - think soft blues, pastel yellows, calming lavenders and bright whites. Having an extra blanket on hand is a must for spring, so make sure you have one that sparks joy and speaks to your bedroom aesthetic.

Bedding For Spring


Time and time again, linen is hailed as the number one fabric for spring. Linen is a natural material, crafted from fine fibres and woven together. When making this fabric, less water is needed during the manufacturing process, as well as less pesticides and chemicals, meaning linen is a lot better for the environment over other materials. Additionally, linen fabric lasts a lot longer than cotton fibres and wears incredibly well. The naturally breathable fabric has a relaxed and rustic texture that gets softer over time. The best part about switching up your bedroom style is the potential to finding inspiration from avenues you wouldn't normally try - make linen sheets part of your spring bedding rotation this year.


Is there anything more satisfying then changing over your interior style? When choosing your bedding for spring, make sure you opt for bright, sunny colours that inspire creativity and joy. Bring in some fairy lights to liven up your bedroom. Choose a fern or a fresh vase of flowers to add a sense of vibrancy. Keep this excitement for the new season going all year round by swapping out your bedroom décor every three months or so. Enjoy a new look with a summer quilt or linen sheets, give your space a fresh start and rejuvenate your home.

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