Buying Guide: What's The Best Pillow To Buy?

Buying Guide: What's The Best Pillow To Buy?

Finding the right pillow is essential for a good night's sleep. Whether you're a side, back or front sleeper, or you like to mix it up, it's important to buy a pillow that feels right for you. If you're waking up with a sore neck or back, you may be using the wrong type of pillow.

Our team has put together a bed pillow buying guide so that you can rest easy. Browse through all of our options and see which type of pillow would work best for you. We put so much effort into changing our pillowcases and bed linen, that sometimes we neglect our pillows. When was the last time you updated yours?

How to pick from different pillow types

We love giving you the freedom to choose at Harris Scarfe so our pillows come in a variety of shapes, fillings and sizes. Take a look at our extensive selection online and in-store, including the following fill types:

Bamboo Pillows:Bamboo fibre filled pillows are a great, breathable option. Helping you sweat less, their natural fibres are hypoallergenic and resistant to odours, designed to keep you cool and dry with the benefits of bamboo.

Ultrafibre Polyester Fill Pillows:Antibacterial polyester fill is a great affordable option. They're often the pillow of choice for children's bedrooms as they're easy to wash and keep clean. Plus, they're super soft!

Natural and Feather Down Pillows:Premium pillows that are usually preferred by our hot sleepers. Natural and feather pillows are some of our coolest pillow options as they're breathable and don't retain heat. They're super soft and usually come in a medium or high fill setting, depending on your preference.

Memory Foam and Contour Pillows:If you suffer from back or neck pain then a memory foam is the best pillow for you. With firm support to keep your back and neck secure overnight, you'll wake up feeling less tense.

Anti-Allergic Pillows:Specifically designed for allergy sufferers, these pillows will help you breathe easy each night. They have anti-microbial protection and are backed by the National Asthma Council. They come in both medium and high profiles and are also a great option for kids.

Gel-infused Pillows:Hot sleepers, this one's for you. Our gel pillows are perfect if you're often overheating in bed. They help to regulate temperature while also keeping your head and neck straight, moulding to your shape.

Latex Pillows:Soft and supportive, you'll find our latex pillows a dream to sleep on. Known to retain their shape, latex pillows are designed to last and some even have a 10 year warranty.

Invest in an underlay

What size pillows are available at Harris Scarfe?

Choosing the size of your pillow will depend on a few factors, including your bedroom decor and bed linen. Most of our pillows are standard sizes so they fit standard pillowcases.

Quite often you'll have a variety of pillow sizes and shapes on your bed. Since most sheet sets offer matching pillowcases for all sizes, we also stock a range of:

  • European Pillows
  • V-Shaped Pillows
  • Body Pillows
  • Contour Shape Pillows
  • King Pillows

Adding European or King pillows to your bed will give it dimension. Incorporating decorative bed cushions will give your space colour and style, complementing your bed linen and making a statement in your room.

How do I know which bed pillow to choose?

It's important to choose a pillow that works for you. If you're having back and neck trouble, you may want to choose a memory foam pillow with contouring. These pillows have been specially designed to target trouble areas around your neck and back and are often recommended by specialists.

If you're just looking for a comfortable pillow, you may need to take a look at how you sleep:

Tummy Sleepers

Those who prefer to sleep on their tummy will need a low profile pillow. You won't want a pillow that raises your head too much. Usually synthetic, down, feathers and natural fibres are best for giving you a soft, low pillow.

Pick From Different Pillow Types

Side Sleepers

If you're one to sleep on your side, then you'll be looking for a firm pillow. Memory foam, latex or contour pillows will feel the most comfortable as they are all designed to support your head and neck.

Back Sleepers

Quite often firm, low pillows are best for back sleepers. Memory foam pillows are great as they contour to your shape, but some back sleepers also prefer the softness of natural fibres.

Those who don't like to commit to a sleep style

If you like to mix it up each night and don't want a pillow that's 'locked' to one position, then you'll need a medium height pillow that's soft and can move with you. Some customers prefer V-shaped pillows or body pillows that offer added comfort.

Which are the best pillows in Australia?

The best pillows in Australia are the ones that work for you! Everyone will have different opinions on which style works best as we all sleep differently. At Harris Scarfe, we've got a huge range of pillows to choose from. Visit us in-store and our helpful staff can help you try them out yourself.

Will a good pillow help me sleep at night?

Pillows are such a vital part of our sleep process. They help keep our head elevated to relieve pressure on our neck, shoulders and back. It's also important to have the right bedding, including a quality mattress topper to give you extra support and the correct weight bed quilt to keep your body warm.

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Sleep better with Harris Scarfe

We want all our customers to have a great night's sleep every night, so we've stocked your favourite quality brands in one place. Visit us in-store or online to find the best pillow for you.

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