10 Ideas For Date Night & What To Wear

10 Ideas For Date Night & What To Wear

Whether it's your first date night or one of many, choosing what to do can be tricky - how can you find something to do at night that's fun for both of you? We've come up with ten fun date ideas, but we all know there's more to the date than just the activity - what do you wear? Well don't worry, we've covered that too!

Read on to see our list of ten cute date ideas, plus what kinds of clothes you should wear to look your best.

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Enjoy the latest blockbuster or indie film, devour some popcorn and sneakily hold hands in the dark at the cinemas!

Why go to the movies?

The first choice for many couples for a fun date idea is going to the movies, and with good reason. There are cinemas dotted around almost everywhere, so you'll be able to find a halfway point easily. There is no pressure to talk for the first few hours of the date, but when you exit the cinema you'll have plenty to discuss - debate the movie, look up trivia and maybe even talk about what you'll see next! And cinemas are often located near restaurants, so you'll have quick and easy access to a meal if you want to extend the date.

What to wear to the movies.

Because you will be sitting down for much of the date, choose clothes that you can sit in comfortably. Pants that are tight around your middle may become uncomfortable after over an hour, so choose bottoms that are high-waisted or aren't too tight around the waistband. Any top or dress will be suitable, but keep in mind cinemas can be a little cold so either have a jacket on hand or a date willing to put their arm around you!

Cinema food like popcorn and lollies won't give you any problems but ones like choc-tops, burgers and hot dogs can spill - and if you're watching a film in the dark, you might not notice until it's too late. If you know you are a messy eater, take extra care when eating your yummy cinema treats, or if you are really worried, avoid wearing white!


Examine incredible artifacts, natural phenomena and scientific wonders at the museum, or delight your eyes at an art gallery. This date idea is great for either a first date or one of many.

Why go to a museum or gallery?

Large collections of interesting art and artifacts will provide endless talking points for both new and old couples. Precious collections are always indoors so you won't have to worry about the weather, and you'll be walking around enough to stay warm, but not enough to get tired. With the large variety of things to see, there's bound to be something that will genuinely interest or surprise you at a museum and delight you at a gallery!

What to wear to a museum or gallery.

You can wear nice shoes here as you'll be inside, but make sure they are comfortable enough to go up and down stairs in. You'll be on your feet a lot, but there are usually plenty of places to stop and rest at galleries and museums, plus small cafes for food if needed. Keep in mind most places like this have polished wooden floors, so some shoes like high-heels may be loud on the floor - while this isn't a bad thing, you may draw some attention!

Some fancier venues may have dress codes, so make sure to research beforehand if some clothes aren't appropriate for the setting. Otherwise you can wear whatever you are comfortable in for a few hours of walking.


Whether you're an expert or terrible at bowling, there will be laughs, cheers and maybe even some good-natured competitiveness when you're bowling with your partner on date night.

Why go bowling?

Bowling is easy to learn and hard to master, and sometimes it can seem like there's a real element of chance to whether you get a strike, spare or nothing at all. But whether you need to use the bowling ramp and side bumpers or if you can roll it down the centre of the lane unassisted, bowling is a great way to get to know your date! A little competitiveness will make your date more exciting, plus as far as activities go, bowling is fairly inexpensive. Most bowling venues also have an arcade with games like air hockey, space invaders and pinball, so if you want to continue playing games when you have finished bowling, the option is there.

What to wear to bowling.

What to wear to bowling

Bowling is a fairly casual atmosphere, so you will want to wear clothing you are comfortable moving around in. We would suggest boyfriend-style jeans and a loose top, as you will be moving your arms quite a bit as you bowl. One of the good things about this date night idea is you don't need to worry about shoes, as the venue will provide you with a pair that is safe to wear in the alley.

Dinner at a Restaurant

Enjoying a meal together is a popular choice for any first date, and most populated areas will have several options for you to choose from.

Why go to a restaurant?

Going out for a nice meal is a safe and fun choice for any date, as it provides an inviting and safe atmosphere for you and your date to chat. Dinner dates can go from chilling at your local pub to fine dining in the city, but make sure to pick a cuisine you both enjoy, and have a payment method in mind!

What to wear to a restaurant.

What to wear to a restaurant

Dining out can be an opportunity to really dress up, depending on where are eating. You can choose how fancy you want to dress, but be mindful that if you think you might be eating a lot (like a three-course meal or a buffet) then tight clothes may become uncomfortable as the night goes on. Dining is the time to bust out your nicest shoes, as you won't be walking much but your shoe choice will be visible for most of the night.

Mini Golf

Combine fun sets, an easy activity and some competitive spirit and you get the crazy game of mini golf! This cute date night idea will also provide plenty of great photo opportunities thanks to the colourful sets and backgrounds.

Why play mini golf?

Like bowling, mini golf is quite easy to learn but can be hard to master, owing to the fact that almost every mini golf course is different. Whether you do terribly or get hole-in-ones, mini golf is great for generating laughs, particularly on any of the novelty holes.

What to wear to mini golf.

What to wear to mini golf

You will be walking around during mini golf, so wear clothing you are comfortable walking and bending over in. You will not be allowed to wear shoes that may damage the turf, so wear either flats or sneakers. Otherwise, outdoor courses can sometimes have water features as well, so you may need to be prepared for any wayward sprays with a jacket.

Food Festival/Market

Shopping is therapeutic, eating is fun and shopping at a market or food festival gives you both! Bring your wallet and be prepared to spend on this date night - you may even be able to grab something for your date while you're there.

Why go to a food festival or market?

Casually strolling around a market and checking out the fresh foods and handmade goods can be a great chance to get to know your date. Tasty snacks, market prices and a cheery atmosphere make a great place for a casual date, and whatever you buy can be a (hopefully) fun reminder of the occasion. Keep an eye on what your date is looking at - if they clearly want something but are unwilling to buy it for themselves, you can purchase it for them as a gift to show you care.

What to wear to a food festival or market?

You will be walking a little and it may be on grass or compacted dirt, so check where you will be going and choose appropriate shoes. Otherwise, simply dress for the season and be aware you might be eating food, so watch out for spills.

Live Music

Seeing live music is always a great way to enjoy yourself, particularly if you are seeing a performer you both love. The lights, music and crowd can make for a memorable date night.

Why go see live music?

It is very important to decide on a band or performer you are both fans of, unless one of you is very easygoing when it comes to music. If you are both fans of the act, it will give you lots of things to talk about and you'll both be able to focus on the music if there's a break in the conversation. Some venues will also have drinks and snacks for sale, so you can choose to eat elsewhere afterwards or just enjoy the food on hand.

What to wear to live music.

What to wear to live music

Unless you are going to the opera, you can wear pretty much whatever you want to a music show. Whether it is indoors or outdoors should have an effect on what you wear, but also keep in mind if you are standing in a crowd you will probably heat up, fast! Wear light layers that you can easily take off if needed, like a thin jacket or cardigan. If you are on the shorter side, shoes with a lift or heel may help you get a good view of the act.


Karaoke is a quick way to figure out just how daring your date can be! Loud singing, silly dancing and drinks all contribute to karaoke being a super-fun way to enjoy yourselves.

Why go do karaoke?

If you and your date like singing, then karaoke is the activity for you. You don't have to be particularly good at it either - belting out your favourite tunes into a microphone is more an opportunity to impress your date with your ability to have fun, rather than carry a tune. Karaoke is also suitable for a group, so if you have a good-natured group of friends then you may be more comfortable hiring a room for six or eight people, instead of just the two of you.

What to wear to karaoke.

Because it is usually indoors, you can go as fancy or informal as you want for karaoke. Some karaoke rooms are fully contained with drinks and food brought to you, while others may be attached to a bar or activity centre. Silly dancing goes hand-in-hand with karaoke, so all you need to consider is clothes you can throw your arms around in and shoes fit for dancing.


Rides, games and cheap, tasty food - a carnival or Fête provides it all! If you want an action-packed date night with lots to do for not much money, heading to your nearest carnival is a great idea.

Why go to a carnival or Fête.

If you and your date are the types of people who like to play games and enjoy physical activities together, Fêtes provide ample opportunities for all. Rollercoasters, haunted houses and games of skill are common at carnivals, as are foods like fairy floss, hot dogs, burgers and ice cream. Fun is a guarantee, and if you are the competitive sort then you and your partner will have heaps of fun competing with each other for prizes as well. If you are lucky, the night may finish with fireworks or a light show as well!

What to wear to a carnival or Fête?

A Fête or carnival is always held outdoors, usually on the grass with sections of concrete and gravel. Comfy shoes are a must for walking in, and you will want to bring a jacket or hoodie for any chilly night air. Keep in mind if you are going on high-octane rides that your hair and clothes will get ruffled, so a beanie or headband may save your look.


If you like live entertainment, then there are plenty of shows around that you and your date will be able to enjoy. This fun date night idea can involve seeing a professional comedian, a theatrical play or even a dance performance.

Why go to a show?

Seeing a show usually involves sitting down in a nice venue and watching a performance on stage. Most venues are designed so there is a good view from any seat, plus there will be interludes on longer shows so you will have time to chat and have a break if needed. Shows won't allow you to speak while the act is on, so if you are a bit nervous about chatting to your date, seeing a show is a handy idea.

What to wear to a show.

What to wear to a show

Because shows can be expensive, you may be required to meet a certain dress standard. Keep in mind you will be seated for most of the night, so you don't need to worry about clothes or shoes to move around in unless you plan on doing so later in the night. A long dress for women and a button-down shirt and pants for men are what is commonly worn.

Fun Date Night Ideas!

All of these date ideas can be used for your first date or for one of many, depending on how comfortable you are letting loose in front of your date. Many of these date night ideas can also be done in a small group if that is more comfortable for the both of you.

If you are still stuck on what to wear, check out our fashion hub for on-trend clothing and outfit ideas.

Check out our entire men's and women's clothing range online for more ideas, or head to your nearest Harris Scarfe and our team will help you choose the perfect outfit for your special night.