Need picnic ideas? Here's the ultimate guide to picnicking this Summer

Need picnic ideas? Here's the ultimate guide to picnicking this Summer

Keen to get out in the sunshine and socialise this summer, but stuck for picnic ideas with wow factor?
We've prepared the ultimate step-by-step guide to summer picnics, so your next adventure in the great outdoors can be one to remember.

Picnic ideas for the ultimate outdoor adventure - step by step

Expect the unexpected

Whether you're in Melbourne, which is prone to four seasons in one day, or Sydney, where the temperature can switch from balmy to boiling in under a minute, you need to be prepared. Relying on the predictions of your favourite TV weatherperson can bring your picnic to its knees. The savvy picnicker preps for every contingency.

Choose the right luggage for the job

The food is the main event of any picnic, so how you choose to transport it can make or break your day. Whether you're feeding many, or just a few and need your food ice cold, or even just at room temperature and away from the sun, one of these options is sure to fit the bill:

A picnic basket

The picnic basket has certainly evolved from its humble origins, and there's now a plethora of designs to choose from.

A wheelie bag

A wheelie bag, like our Smith + Nobel Summertide Wheelie Bag, is a great way to carry heavy or awkward items as you trek from the car to your picnic spot. Make sure your bag is large enough for all your goodies.

Picnic ideas for the ultimate outdoor adventure

A picnic backpack

Another hands-free picnic solution is a backpack, perfect for parents who need to hold little hands. A good picnic backpack should have enough room for all your delicious picnic treats, and compartments for your cutlery, plates and tumblers. A strap for your picnic rug is an added bonus. We love the Smith & Nobel Backpack Cooler Bag.

A BBQ cooler

Nobody wants to eat soggy salad or gasp drink lukewarm champagne! In our harsh Australian climate, a cooler bag is non-negotiable for food safety. Layer it up with freezer bricks to ensure your picnic food stays fresh and chilled until you reach your destination.

Don't forget tumblers, plates and bowls

Melamine is a fantastic option for picnicware. It's much more durable than standard plastic, so it can withstand the occasional bump, it's easy to clean, and it's suitable for the kids. Smaller bowls are a versatile choice - they can accommodate a gooey slice of tiramisu, and even double up as serving bowls for dips and salsas.

Plates are perfect for burgers and the classic sausage sandwich, and tumblers are a must. Our Soren picnicware is available in a range of designs, which you can coordinate or mix and match with our Shaynna Blaze Portsea collection for a fun, eclectic feel.

The warmer months are the perfect time to get playful and bright with your picnic wear. The Chyka Home Monkeys Garden collection is ideal for this, whether you're treating the kids or meeting friends, there's something for everyone.

Pack a picnic blanket

Pack a picnic blanket

A top-quality picnic blanket is a worthwhile investment if you're planning on spending a lot of time outdoors this summer. It protects you from the dusty ground, and provides an attractive backdrop for your entire picnic setup.

Focus on the food

Your picnic food can be as simple or as gourmet as your time and budget constraints allow. For an adults-only picnic, sandwiches and chips can be swapped out for mezze platters, decadent cheeses and a cheeky bottle of vino. Poh Ling Yeow's Market Day range is exactly what you need to bring picnic food to life on a plate. The yellow tones and bold prints will have you being the envy of the park!

Bring fun and games

If you're heading to the park, a football or cricket set are Aussie summer must-haves. Frisbees are also popular, as are classic games such as boules and bocce. When picnicking with young children, a giant bubble wand is a great boredom buster - have you ever met a kid who doesn't love bubbles?

Remember those boring, but important, details

Don't forget to keep some food covers, a lighter or matches for birthday candles, and a first aid kit in your picnic stash, along with SPF50+ sunscreen and mozzie repellent. Get ready for picnic season with our stunning new outdoor living range available instore and online now.