Pillow Talk: Choosing The Best Pillow For Your Sleeping Style

Pillow Talk: Choosing The Best Pillow For Your Sleeping Style

Sleep is such an important factor when it comes to our wellbeing. We spend approximately 26 years of our lives sleeping - that's 227,760 hours! We also spend a lot of time thinking about sleep too - worrying about not getting enough, waiting to fall asleep or reading up on sleeping styles.

When thinking about how to get the best quality sleep, there are many things to consider: your mattress, bedding, ambiance, temperature, light and, of course, your pillow. Pillows are essential when trying to improve the quality of your sleep. Interestingly, different sleeping styles require different types of pillows. So, your pillow needs are dependent upon whether you're a tummy sleeper or a side sleeper. But don't worry, we have the right pillow for you.


Sleeping on your side is a common sleeping style of choice - it can help with snoring and joint discomfort if you like to sleep with a pillow between your legs. The best pillow for side sleepers is one that provides enough support and cushioning for your head and neck - most people who sleep on their side require a medium to high pillow with enough firmness to keep your head sinking down into the pillow. Mid-level firmness is the most appropriate pillow for side sleepers, as it balances both support and can contour to the shape of your head. Choose a pillow that has memory foam or latex filling, as these will offer enough support without applying too much pressure on the neck.


When deciding on a pillow for a back sleeper, memory foam is another top contender. It perfectly supports and cradles your head and neck as you sleep. For this kind of sleeping style, when choosing the loft of the pillow (also known as the thickness) choose a standard medium size. Too tall and it will place too much strain on your neck and back. Too low and it will offer no support at all. You want to choose a thickness that feels natural and comfortable. The benefit of choosing a memory foam pillow is that the material is breathable, meaning it can help keep your body temperature cool during the night. There are two types of memory foam - shredded and solid. Shredded is more mouldable whereas solid memory foam, which tends to be denser and heavier, retains form for longer.

Pillow Talk Choosing The Best Pillow


If you are a stomach sleeper, then you need the complete opposite of your side and back friends - stomach sleepers need thin and soft types of pillows. This is important, as it helps in keeping the head and neck aligned when sleeping to avoid any unnecessary strain on the body. Likewise, opt for a pillow with a natural filling, like down or bamboo, to help with body temperature and to regulate cooling. The cooler you are, the better night sleep you're going to have.

Pillow Talk Choosing The Best Pillow


If you can't decide between these sleeping styles, then you might happen to be a combination sleeper (meaning you might fit every sleeping profile). Not to worry, there is a pillow out there for you too! You need a balanced pillow that can support you as your move throughout the night. When thinking about loft, opt for a pillow that can be contorted and adjusts easily into a higher thickness or a flatter shape, this will help depending if you sleep on your stomach and your back. For material, think memory foam or down pillows. In terms of firmness, choose a medium pillow, as this provides the right kind of support if you happen to switch to your side or back during the night.

Don't forget…

Just like a mattress, your pillow will need to be changed. When you start to wake up with a stiff neck or a sore back, it's time to get a new pillow! In the meantime, if your pillow is machine washable, it might be worth tossing it into the next wash to help reshape it.

Pillow Talk Choosing The Best Pillow


Choosing a pillow is an incredibly personal decision - only you can know what is right for you. As you rest your head there every night, take the time to choose a pillow that's going to suit your sleeping needs. Material, breathability, loft and firmness all play a role in comfort level. There are hundreds of types of pillows, but not all will be right for your sleeping style. If you invest in a good quality pillow, your quality of sleep will improve too! The average person needs at least seven hours of sleep per night - get the right pillow now and start dreaming.

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