Five bedroom styling ideas to create your ultimate oasis

Five bedroom styling ideas to create your ultimate oasis

The bedroom should be a place for sleep, relaxation and selfcare, and yet, it is often the room that gets overlooked when decorating a home. Considering we spend approximately one third of our lives asleep, we could all use a little bedroom makeover. Indulge in this season's most iconic bedroom trends and give your room a much-needed style upgrade.

The bedroom is the place to be

There is nothing more satisfying than waking up in a warm and cosy bed on a cold winter's morning or feeling well-rested after a great night's sleep. You can just imagine how many hours we spend in bed, and this is why this piece of furniture should be the focal point, nay, the crown jewel of our bedrooms. There are multiple possibilities on how to style a bed, but whatever you choose, it must make you feel at home.

Read on to find out Harris Scarfe's favourite bedroom style ideas this season.

Five Bedroom Styling Ideas


The New York Hamptons style has taken homes by storm this season, with the luxurious beach-house décor inspiring us all. The elegant and chic design speaks to a sophisticated homeowner, with aspirations for extravagant escapades to the seaside. The Hamptons style is built on classical and iconic design, with whites and more whites featuring as the pièce de resistance. With the focus placed on the bed, opt for a fluffy and larger-than-life quilted duvet, with throw pillows in shades of cornflower blues and jades that speak to the ocean. If you're looking for bedroom style ideas, don't overcrowd the room with heavy furniture, instead choose light-coloured timber or wicker bedheads that create the illusion of a cottage by the sea. Think clean lines, elegant textures and a neutral colour palette that oozes comfort and grace.

Five Bedroom Styling Ideas

Minimalist & Modern

Keep your bedroom simple with a minimalist design that inspires quiet, peace and sleep. Keep your accessories and décor to a minimum - think simple and sleek design. Great for smaller bedrooms, this modern style inspires confidence for a restful night's sleep by soothing the busy mind. In terms of furnishings and how to style your bed, keep only the basics - a bed, side table, dresser. Place extra emphasis on your lighting and opt for blackout curtains to create a harmonious space for sleep. Short on storage? Choose a bed that can double as a storage container with a lift-up bed or pull-out drawers. Achieve this look with less clutter and soft colours, such as dusty pink, muted greys and lemon yellows.

Beach House

Create the bedroom of your dreams and bring the coast to you with a Beach House inspired bedroom. Similar to the Hamptons style, the Beach House bedroom is nothing if not relaxing. You want to stick to subdued hues, with pastel colours featuring in violets, yellows, greens and blues. To nail this bedroom trend, work on accentuating your colour palette with a throw or an armchair tucked away in the corner - the idea is to create your own private getaway. Linen lovers will adore this style, as it is all about simple, elegant and refined fabrics, great for the warmer months. Put holiday mementos and photographs on display in bright coloured frames to bring a little bit of the outside world to you. Choose rustic furniture and beach-themed prints to create an airy feel to your place of slumber and nail your bedroom styling.

Art Deco

Inspired by the roaring 20s? Then look no further than the Art Deco Bedroom. Think angular shapes, bold prints, bright colours and daring centrepieces that capture your creativity and personality. Place extra emphasis on your décor, with over-the-top vintage vases, mirrors and chandeliers. Large prints and artwork will feature heavily on your bedroom walls, complementing your textured and patterned furniture. With colourful sheets and contrasting furnishings that make a splash, bringing the swinging twenties to life has never been easier.

Five Bedroom Styling Ideas


When you think of the perfect bedroom, one word comes to mind - tranquillity. The contemporary bedroom style balances vibrant colours and relaxation, bringing together all of your favourite things. Coordinate your fabrics and textures, with cotton sheets and classic blue colours. Hang a mirror to create the illusion of more space. Add a touch of greenery with a potted plant or hang a Maidenhair Fern. Don't forget, the bedroom is not a place for work, computers or phones. Instead, try to keep your space clear of a busy mind, making unwinding that much easier.

Time to refresh your space

It's important to bring your home's aesthetic into the bedroom, with little touches that speak to you. Whether it's cosy and relaxed, or minimalist and crisp, finding your style is just as important as choosing the right mattress. Make your bedroom an enticing sanctuary with these bedroom style ideas a place where you can feel stress-free, warm, and balanced. Whatever your style pick, wrap yourself up in comfort this season and make your bedroom the talk of the town.