5 workout routines you can do at home

5 workout routines you can do at home

These days you don't even need to leave the house to complete a killer workout. Between online fitness memberships, YouTube videos, and exercise equipment such as bikes and treadmills, there are plenty of home workout ideas that will help you keep fit and strong from the comfort of your lounge room.

But so many of us throw in the sweaty gym towel before we start to see real results - so how can you keep yourself on track? Research suggests that as many as eight out of 10 exercise enthusiasts find that wearing stylish workout wear, such as our sports-luxe LMA Seamless range, helps them feel more confident and stay motivated. Sounds like the perfect excuse to go shopping to us!


Home workout ideas to help you hit your fitness goals

Once you've got your sleek new LMA Seamless activewear sorted, why not try one of the following home workout routines?



Pilates is proof positive that looks can be oh-so-deceiving! It involves subtle movements, performed with perfect posture and technique, which focus on core strength and whole-body conditioning. It's an excellent low-impact choice, and physiotherapists swear by it for patients requiring rehabilitation following an accident or injury.


The seam-free technology used in our LMA Seamless leggings and coordinating tees means you won't need to worry about scratching or chafing as you become an expert at those precise, targeted movements. The range is also super quick to dry, so you won't need too many pairs on rotation - even if you're working out daily. Plus, they're stylish enough to wear on the school run.



If you're short on time and hoping to burn maximum calories in between appointments and errands, high-intensity interval training, or HIIT, is a popular option. HIIT involves short, intense bursts of activity where you work out at maximum effort, followed by periods of rest. Just when you think you've finally caught your breath, it's time to dial it right back up again, and repeat.

HIIT is great for toning and weight loss because it's anaerobic exercise - that's science-speak for the way it requires your body to break down stored carbohydrates. And because it elevates your heart rate, it's also fantastic for boosting your overall fitness levels.

A HIIT workout will have you sweating up a storm, so you'll want to wear activewear that helps draw it all away. Our LMA Seamless range features moisture-wicking, quick-drying properties, making it ideal for HIIT workouts.



Pop a few drops of your favourite essential oil blend into the diffuser, turn on your most relaxing playlist, and get some zen into your life! The benefits of yoga go far beyond toning and conditioning - this ancient art can help with flexibility, balance and back pain. With regular practice, yoga can also assist with mindfulness and stress relief, and even improve your sleep.

Our LMA Seamless crop will keep your chest supported while you're perfecting your downward dog, so nothing *ahem* pops out unexpectedly.



If you've ever dreamed of becoming a prima ballerina, now's your chance - in the form of a ballet-inspired workout! Advocates of barre say it will give you long, lean dancer's muscles, which will look even more impressive in our LMA Seamless range thanks the unique sculpting properties of the buttery-soft fabric. And no, you don't need to get the drill out and install an actual barre in your home - the back of a chair works just fine.


At-home exercise equipment


If you're lucky enough to own a treadmill, stationary bike or elliptical trainer, you can complete an effective cardio session in the comfort of your own home, and avoid the harsh Aussie sun. Our LMA Seamless leggings and crops are perfect for these types of workouts. The shorts are high-waisted and sculpting, helping to camouflage your trouble zones, and the lightweight, breathable fabric will keep you cool and comfortable, even when you crank the machine up to the max.


Ready to smash your fitness goals? Check out our LMA Seamless range instore or online now.