Cook like a chef with our new Smith + Nobel By Miguel Maestre cookware range

Cook like a chef with our new Smith + Nobel By Miguel Maestre cookware range

You don't have to be a seasoned chef like Miguel Maestre to cook delicious food at home. Our new and exclusive range, Smith + Nobel by Miguel Maestre has every tool you need to make at-home cooking fun, easy and absolutely mouth-watering.

Whether it's perfect heat distribution, ease of cleaning or just looking the part, this cookware range is designed to make chef-inspired cooking at home easier than ever.

Smith & Nobel By Miguel Maestre

Quality materials for quality results

From the perfect cast iron for slow cooking to the extremely durable hard anodised collection, the Smith + Nobel By Miguel Maestre cookware range is made from quality materials, so you get quality results.

Hard anodised

Known for being incredibly durable, non-stick and resistant to corrosion, hard anodised cookware, such as the Mijas 28cm Saute Pan, is perfect for cooking crêpes, eggs, pancakes and other finicky foods. Featuring a solid aluminium base, the hard anodised collection quickly heats up and evenly spreads heat throughout the pan - no more hot or cold spots when cooking!

Plus, cast stainless-steel handles will ensure that you don't burn your hands during cooking, and it can be used on all cooking surfaces including electric, induction, gas and halogen stovetops, or in the oven to finish cooking a succulent steak.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel cookware, like the Marbella 20cm Saucepan, is a great choice when you want a scratch-resistant option. You can confidently stir a bolognese or whisk a béchamel sauce to perfection without worrying about any deep scratches or flaking. The Smith + Nobel by Miguel Maestre stainless steel cookware is also dishwasher safe, so you can spend more time cooking for family and friends and less time scrubbing up!

Cast Iron

If slow cooking is your thing, then Miguel's enamelled cast iron cookware not only looks fantastic, but it retains heat better than any other material. Cooking is easy in the 6.2L Cast Iron Casserole Pot and will lock in the flavour to keep your food moist, tender and delicious. Plus, with its non-stick enamelled coating on the inside, you don't need to season it with fat or oil before cooking.

Available in a range of fun and vibrant colours, brighten up your dining table by serving a delicious home-cooked meal straight from the oven to the table! However, don't forget that a dishwasher will remove the non-stick coating, so it's hand wash only for these kitchen essentials!

Acacia wood

Chopping boards made from sustainable acacia hardwood, such as the 40x27cm Acacia Chopping Board, have become incredibly popular, and it's not just for their rustic, dark wood grain style. Being a hardwood, they're less likely to absorb water and warp when washed, won't dull the blade of your knife and are extremely durable. Whether you slice, dice and chop like a pro with these boards or use as a serving platter for a delicious cheese board, Miguel's Acacia Chopping Boards are a must-have for the home chef.

Smith & Nobel By Miguel Maestre
Smith & Nobel By Miguel Maestre

How to look after your new cookware and ovenware

The Smith + Nobel by Miguel Maestre cookware range is designed to last, to keep yours in excellent condition, here are some helpful tips for looking after them:

  • Never use a scourer or abrasive cleaning agents when washing by hand, as this will damage the surface, especially with cast iron. Once your pan has cooled down, use warm soapy water and always remember to dry thoroughly before putting away.
  • Always take care when storing your cookware. It may be strong and durable, but stacking pans on top of each other will cause damage over time. To avoid any scratches, use pan separators when storing in the cupboard.
  • While it may be tempting to use whatever's closest for a quick turn or stir, never use a knife in your cookware products. Instead, reach for one of Miguel's Silicone Spatulas or Silicone Tongs to avoid scratching and damaging the non-stick coating.
  • Don't put your hot pan straight into cold water. Drastic temperature changes can make the pan warp over time and affect its performance. Instead, let the pan cool down before washing or putting in the dishwasher.

Kitchen accessories and ovenware for all your needs

Our Smith + Nobel By Miguel Maestre range also includes kitchen accessories for all your roasting and baking needs. Whether it's a rich lasagne, a Sunday roast or a fruit cobbler, the Large Rectangle Baker is the perfect addition to your kitchen. As baking requires precise measurements to get a dish right, make sure you always have the exact amount with the 5kg Kitchen Scale.

If you enjoy baking more technical desserts like soufflés, then the 4pk Ramekins are ideal for individual portions. Or, for a little fun in the kitchen, create your own curry pastes and spice mixes with our 16x10cm Mortar & Pestle.

The Smith + Nobel By Miguel Maestre range has everything you need to feel confident, fun and inspired in the kitchen (just like Miguel!), from stainless steel mixing spoons, colanders, spatulas, strainers, ladles, whisks and much more.

Explore the exciting new range at Harris Scarfe today and ensure you have all the cookware, ovenware and accessories you need to get creative in the kitchen.

Smith & Nobel By Miguel Maestre

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