The Threads You Can Count On

The Threads You Can Count On

Finding the right sheet set can be challenging, as you juggle between something stylish and functional, that's also at the right price for you. This edition of Linen Club is dedicated to helping you pick the perfect sheet to style your bedroom, whether it's the material, trend or fabric - we've got it all!




Thread count is something we all talk about a lot when it comes to sheeting, but in reality it does not determine the quality or thickness of the fibres used. In fact, both high and low thread counts can be good - it all depends on your preference.

A lower thread count means less threads per square inch, this in turn creates a more breathable sheet set that (along with the material) can help keep you cooler in the warmer months. High thread count sheets on the other hand are more dense with a greater number of fibres per square inch, creating a layer of warmth when it's cold.




One of the most popular choices when it comes to sheets is cotton. Prized for its versatility, cotton comes in a range of weaves (Percale, Twill, Sateen, Jersey and Jacquard) and thread counts, making it ideal all year round. Cotton is also extremely breathable due to being a natural fibre, and works to regulate body temperature.

No one does cotton better than Linen House, their 300 Thread Count Cotton Sheets are a great 'go-to', and their simple colour palette makes them easy to style into any bedroom.




Egyptian cotton has been praised for years for its quality, which comes from its breathability and long cotton fibres. In fact, Egyptian cotton fibres create the longest and finest yarn possible, resulting in softer, silkier and more durable sheets.

If you are looking for a touch of luxury in the bedroom, these 1000 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton sheets from Elysian are a great place to start, as they come in a range of colours to suit all bedroom palettes.




Bamboo sheets are far more environmentally sustainable to produce than cotton, using less water, avoiding soil erosion, minimising greenhouse gas emissions and feels amazing too!

Known for being extremely comfortable due to the sheen of the fabric, bamboo sheets are both smooth and soft! Another wonder of bamboo is that it wicks moisture away from the body. We'd highly recommend a set to have on hand, especially for the warmer months.

TIP: Bamboo sheets are also ideal for allergy sufferers.


That concludes Linen Club's sheeting edition, we hope you now feel confident in picking the perfect threads for you. Next month on Linen Club we will hear from our very own design queen, Shaynna Blaze, where you will get all the insider tips on how to get your bedroom back to basics.


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