Meet this season's must-have colours

Meet this season's must-have colours

Spring is fast approaching, and with it comes the opportunity to rejuvenate not just yourself, but your home's palette too. That's why we're dedicating this edition of Linen Club to introducing you to the new season's colours, and styles that will bring freshness into your home.




This season’s palette, or Vanilla Blush as we like to call it at Linen Club, is full of colours that reflect the outdoors at this time of year. Think of soft greens; delicate creams paired with both pastel and deeper pinks, plus sky and azure blues that command your attention. In many ways, these colours are timeless, giving them a trans-seasonal feel that is welcomed anywhere in the home. So, whether you’re looking to refresh your bedspread, add a couple of cushions to the couch or purchase a new set of towels, consider these the colours to look for.




Soren Sally Quilt Cover Set
Soren Sally Quilt Cover Set

Blue as a colour exudes a feeling of relaxation, making it a popular choice in bedrooms around the world. But blue isn't just popular for its soothing qualities; it's also a great base colour that you can build seasonal accents into. So if you're looking for a starting base to work with, look no further than Soren's Sally Quilt Cover Set, the darker blues and greens complement everything while the floral print gives your room a fresh seasonal feel. Alternatively, if you're after a lighter look - the Soren Summer Quilt Cover uses bright splashes of pink, blue, green and orange to reflect those warm spring days.




If you're after a touch of seasonal luxury, then look no further than Soren's Boston Herringbone Throw. Not only is it a practical way to keep warm, it's available in three colours and the Herringbone is a timeless texture you can safely drape across any fabric. If you want something equally timeless but a little warmer, these Elysian Cortina Wool Blend Throws are great for a house that is a little on the chilly side.


That brings another edition of Linen Club to an end, however as always we'll be back soon with more expert tips and tricks. In the meantime, to update your home with all the new season looks head to


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