Creating a luxury hotel feel at home with Jane Lamerton

Creating a luxury hotel feel at home with Jane Lamerton

Ah, the bliss of a luxury hotel stay. The robes, the sheets, the spa, the chocolate on the pillow. Few things in life are quite as indulgent.

Spring Brings It Home

For those of you missing hotel pleasures, you're in luck. In this edition of The Linen Club, we're inviting you to make a reservation to stay right where you are. As we reveal how easy it is to recreate a luxurious hotel experience in the comfort of your very own home, who better to guide us than our very own designer, Jane Lamerton. We have outlined some tips for achieving that luxury bedroom and bathroom space at home. Get ready. This spring, hotel luxury is checking in at your place.

One: Dress Your Bedroom

The first space where you'll want to recreate that hotel feeling is the bedroom, so here's a luxury bedroom idea. Just a few switch-ups can transform the space and transport you to the hotel room of your dreams.

Dress your bed in freshly pressed cotton sheets with a luxurious thread count, like Jane Lamerton's 1000 thread count Egyptian Cotton sheets.

Pair with a texturally or visually decadent quilt cover, then layer in luxury, perhaps with velvet cushions and mohair throws. Finally, dress the room with seasonal blooms for a touch of spring.

Add these luxurious bedroom blessing: Jane Lamerton Vienna Cotton Waffle Quilt Cover Set Queen Bed.

Two: Stage Your Bathroom

Just as vital as the bedroom is creating a luxury bathroom and just a few small touches can inject fresh decadence. Be sure to clear the clutter, stage the sink or bath with divine candles and scents, and think about introducing a plant or two. Inviting the outdoors in can have a wonderfully soothing and cleansing effect, especially in the bathroom. Next, grab your cosiest robe and PJs, load up on cuddly-soft towels and flannels, then close the door on the world. Your luxurious staycation is underway.

Bring these sanctuary essentials: Jane Lamerton marble soap dispenser, tumbler and toilet brush.

Three: Let The Pamper Again

It's business time and you are the CEO of total relaxation. Dim the lights, break out the scented candles you've been saving, play a soothing playlist and run yourself a deep, steamy bath. Essential oils, bubbles, bath salts - they're all welcome here. With the bath running, now is the perfect time to apply a face or hair mask.

Four: Wrap Yourself In Clouds

After a long and restorative soak, it's time to emerge renewed and reinvigorated.

In every luxury modern bathroom you can pat yourself down with fluffy towels in gorgeous colours and apply your favourite body balm or moisturiser. Next, pull on your favourite PJs and wrap yourself in a cloud-soft robe.

Lift yourself to cloud nine with: Jane Lamerton Harmony bath towels.

Five: Retire To The Bedroom

The bath may be over, but the pampering isn't done. With a book and perhaps a cup of calming tea waiting on your bedstand, it's time to dim the lights, pull back the quilt and settle into your freshly made bed.

If you're lucky, you may even find a chocolate on your pillow. A very elegant master bedroom idea.

We hope this has inspired you to create your own homegrown luxury escape. And with a little help from Jane Lamerton's freshest, brightest and most decadent range of hotel- and wellness-inspired bedding and homewares, it's easy to bring spring luxury into the heart of your home.

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