Festive Feasts: Your Christmas Menu Sorted

Festive Feasts: Your Christmas Menu Sorted

It's hard to believe it, but it's that time of year again. While we're all looking forward to the festive season, it's bound to present the usual questions: Traditional or modern? Roast lunch or seafood spread? Starting the day with mimosas or coffee? Do we make breakfast, lunch or Christmas dinner the show stopper (or all three)? The list goes on.

There are many ways to prepare your festive feast, but we've put together a little list to help you on your way to creating your perfect Christmas menu. All of these recipes are easy to knock up at home, can be paired up however you like, and if you were looking an excuse to upgrade your roasting pan or grab some new kitchenware then check out our huge range. Let's get into it.


1st course: Honey drizzled Citrus salad with Pistachio Poppy Seed Granola

This is a great option if you favour a lighter start to the day, particularly if you're planning on moving onto more meat dominated dishes later on. The bright citrus is smoothed out by the sweet honey, whilst the pistachios and poppy seeds provide a beautiful texture to the granola. A festive tip - if you've got gingerbread handy, smash some up and toss through the granola.

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2nd Course: Mexican Tray Bake with eggs

A great one to chow down on if you've potentially overindulged in a bit too much Christmas cheer the night before, this hearty brekkie with notes of spice is just the thing to set you up for the day. A great one to consider if you're feeding a few extra guests for breakfast, just adjust the ratios to suit. We've opted for the veggie version here, but a little chorizo will kick this up a notch for carnivores.

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French Toast With Glazed Bacon

3rd Course: French toast with glazed bacon

A properly indulgent breakfast dessert, this decadent pairing offers the perfect mix of sweet and salty to start your day. To really lean into the Christmas spirit, try subbing the bread out for Panetone and take this breakfast dish to the next level.

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1st Course: Cucumber Canapes with Smoked Salmon Mousse

Sounds super fancy, looks super fancy, tastes super fancy-but it's actually so simple to make. You're really just chopping up cucumbers and everything else is getting whizzed in the food processor. We've opted for smoked salmon for this version but it's always a big hit with trout or cod if you'd prefer.

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2nd Course: Easy Vegetarian Lasagna with Spinach and Broccoli

A great veggie option that will even please the meat lovers at the table- this hearty and filling lasagne, oozing rich bechamel can easily be prepared the day before then whacked straight into the oven. If you're thinking it's just not Christmas without ham or turkey for lunch, fear not, this also makes a great side dish to most roasted meats.

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Flourless Chocolate Walnut Cookies

3rd Course: Flourless Chocolate Walnut Cookies

A great thing to have on hand throughout the day, but we find best served just after cooling a little, these are a chocolate lover's dream and they're gluten free. Full of Dutch cocoa and dark chocolate, with just a sprinkling of sea salt flakes to bring a savoury kiss to the finish, these pair perfectly with a cup of tea or coffee after a big lunch, or maybe even that nice bottle of red you were planning on saving for a special occasion.

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1st course: 3 minute melty baked brie

A show stopper that looks and tastes great but again is simple to make-essentially just remove from packaging and bake for three minutes. Add a sprig of thyme, a drizzle of honey or whatever festive toppings you like and you're ready to go, a great one if you're short on time.

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Melty Baked Brie

2nd Course: Thyme Roasted Turkey With Gravy

If you're a traditionalist at heart and you've managed to keep reading this far, then you'll be pleased to see that turkey is definitely still on the menu. This delicious, dinner time option is the ultimate in Christmas cuisine. Try adding half an orange studded with a few cloves to the cavity to ensure the bird stays moist with a touch of festive flair.

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3rd Course: Vegan Chocolate Truffles

The richness comes from coconut milk in these delicious truffles, honestly, if you didn't tell your guests, they'd never know they were 100% plant based. Simple and easy to prepare, but a great way to add a little flourish to your Christmas dessert.

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