A good night’s sleep is key to living well, and with 200+ quilts, doonas and comforters to choose from, our range has something for everyone.

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How to choose the right quilt for you

Choosing the right quilt is essential for crafting the perfect night's sleep. But how do you know what kind of quilt and quilt cover are best for you? It's a good idea to keep in mind what sort of sleeper you are, your temperature preferences and how washable the quilt needs to be for your lifestyle.

Selecting the best-sized quilt for your bed

Deciding on the right size of bedding is the first step. This may seem simple, but you have several options. Our customers often choose to go up a size with quilts and doonas to create a cosy, luxurious look. This results in a deliciously warm bed because there's more bedding to go around. Try popping a double doona on a single bed, or a king-size quilt on your queen ensemble.

Bedding types

Not sure of the difference between a quilt and a blanket? Can't tell a comforter from a doona? We understand: it can get confusing, so we've created a helpful guide.

Blankets are a single-layer covering, often made out of wool, and usually used to add extra layers of warmth. An electric blanket is different again though, so keep that in mind when purchasing.

In Australia, the terms 'quilt' and 'doona' are interchangeable. Both refer to cosy bedding that has at least three layers, and is filled with some kind of fibre (see below). Quilts come in a variety of weights, and - unlike with blankets - you need to use a quilt cover with them.

Finally, comforters are warm, colourful, filled bedding that you can use without a cover. This makes them popular choices for kids' beds, as they're cosy and don't bunch up the way doonas can.

What quilt filling is best?

Common quilt fillings include wool, cotton, down, bamboo or polyester.

You can spend anywhere from $40 to $1,000 on a quilt, and your choice of filling dictates the cost. Down quilts cost the most, but have a gorgeous fluffy feel (also known as 'loft'). Meanwhile, cotton is a great choice if you live in a warmer climate or have allergies.

Synthetic fibre-filled quilts are easily washable, but don't offer the cosiness of natural fibres. Bamboo is both eco-friendly and naturally antibacterial. Each filling has its own benefits, so take some time to decide which is right for you.

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