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When the mercury drops, nothing feels better than climbing into a soft, snuggly pre-warmed bed. Dive into our delightful range of modern, versatile electric blankets and bedding products.

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Get toasty-warm with our range of electric blankets

From heated throws to fitted bed sheets, zone control to warming body pillows, we source our high-quality electric blankets and bedding from trusted brands to bring you comfort and safety. But we know you may have some questions, so let's dive a little deeper.

How safe are electric blankets?

We know that safety is an essential factor in any homewares choice, and electric blankets are no exception. Today, as long as you use them correctly, electric bedding offers a safe, cost-effective, convenient way to stay cosy through those colder months.

Of course, just like with anything electrical, it's important to use and store electric bedding carefully.

Buy from Australian stores: We always recommend ensuring that products have Australia and New Zealand quality approvals before you buy them (products from other parts of the world may require different voltages)

Take care: Read and follow the care instructions exactly, as well as check for any damage before you first use your electric bedding.

Storage: How you store your bedding in the warmer seasons is important, don't fold or place anything on top of it. Keep it away from hot water bottles or other water hazards.

We ensure that all Harris Scarfe electric blankets and bedding are suitable to use in Australia.

Children and electric blankets

While electric blankets are safe for most kids, avoid using them for infants or children who still occasionally wet their bed. We also have a great range of non-electric bedding, blankets, doonas, throw blankets and quilts to choose from for these kids though, so everyone can stay warm!

How do I choose an electric blanket?

Fit and feel: Pay attention to the size you need (don't just match it to the size of your bed, but also its depth. Extra deep mattresses will need an electric blanket with deep sides too). Also consider whether fitted or unfitted is the best choice for your bed.

Functionality: Do you need hypoallergenic fabric? How easy are the controls to use it in the dark? How close is the nearest power outlet to your bed, will the cord reach?

Maintenance: Note how to best wash and maintain the blanket and check how it needs to be stored.

Explore our range of electric blankets

Prepare now for those cold nights with our online range of electric blankets and throws, or visit a Harris Scarfe near you.