Style a cosy bed you’ll never want to get out of with our range of bed blankets and bed throws. Timeless elegance or fluffy comfort? Either way, we have it covered.

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Luxurious, soft and comfortable, bed blankets and bed throw blankets are a wonderful added extra for a welcoming bed. Use them to add a touch of style or make your evenings that little bit cosier. They're a great way to update the look for your room at a surprisingly affordable price.

How do I select the best blanket or throw for my bed?

Some people use blankets and throws purely for show, while others love to wrap themselves up snug. Knowing how you plan to use your blanket is a great first step in deciding what type you'll need.

Loose, natural weaves look great casually slung across the end of the bed, but aren't always the warmest option. Meanwhile, a fluffy mink will provide the most sumptuous snuggle, but it won't give your bed that rustic vibe. Different fabrics do more than just offer different looks, though. They also wash and wear differently, impact the price and provide varying layers of warmth and weight.

It's a good idea to explore all of these factors as you make a decision about which bed blanket or throw to buy. After all, your bed should be your happy place.

Our tip for choosing the perfect size: to add another layer of warmth to your bedding, choose a blanket at least the same size as your quilt. Or, if you plan to use your bed blanket as a throw, aim for something smaller than half your bed's size.

How about specialty blankets?

Although electric blankets aren't new, they now come in a wide range of specialised types. Heated throws, heated body pillows and zoned electric blankets are all great options for those colder months.

We also love weighted blankets, and not only because they may help to alleviate anxiety symptoms. The pressure they give is like a warm doona-hug, and we're 100% onboard with that.

Blanket hoodies are relatively new to the market, and they're hugely popular with kids and adults alike.

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