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Baking Tray | Bakery Equipment

Whether you are a passionate baker or want to measure the correct amount of ingredients needs for a recipe. Our range on baking equipment and trays will ensure your food is cooked evenly and measured correctly. Whether it is a tray, mixing bowl or utensils, having the right equipment when baking is essential.

Harris Scarfe has a wide selection of baking equipment and trays that are perfect for both domestic and commercial cooking. Whether it is mixing the batter for a cake, baking muffins or measuring the correct amount of liquid and solids for a recipe, we have your baking needs sorted.

Our collection of baking trays is perfect for cakes, pastries, muffins cookies, pizza, vegetables, and roasts. Made by leading brands Smith and Nobel, Pyrex, Classica and Wiltshire, our range of baking trays will allow you to cook with ease. Coated in a non-stick coating, our collection of bakeware is suitable for any oven type.

In order to get the best results from your baking, you want to be sure that it is accurately measured before putting it in the oven. Measuring cups accurately tell how much liquid or solid is in the cup. With both glass and plastic options, the measuring cups are a staple to any baker's kitchen.

Mix all ingredients with ease with our range of non-stick mixing bowls from Smith and Nobel, Avanti and Joseph and Joseph. Made from various materials, a good mixing bowl should be complemented with quality utensils. From whisks, spatulas, preparation mats, dough scoops, palette knives, and rolling pins, having quality equipment at the ready will help reduce cooking time.

If you really want to make an impression with your baking, add a touch of frosting or cream around the cake for that added taste. Our piping bags and icing kits are perfect for anyone that wants to finish their cake in style. Here at Harris Scarfe our range of baking equipment and trays are perfect for anyone who loves to bake.