Quilt Covers

Freshen up your room with our wide range of quilt covers and doona covers. Choose from over 300 designs available online and in-store, in sizes that include single, double, queen and king, to find the perfect quilt cover for your space.

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What's included in each quilt cover set?

All of our quilt cover sets include one cover with matching pillowcases.

The number of pillowcases in each set depends on the size of your doona. A quilt cover set for a single bed includes one pillowcase. Sets for double, queen- or king-size bed all include two matching pillowcases.

And if you'd like to add warmth with an extra quilt, or complement your new quilt cover set with additional pillowcases, we can help.

What's the difference between a quilt cover and a doona cover?

In Australia, 'doona' is just another word for the cosy bed covering that people in other countries call a 'quilt' or sometimes a 'duvet'.

So the terms 'quilt cover', 'doona cover' and 'duvet cover' are all interchangeable, and they all refer to exactly the same thing.

How to choose the best quilt cover

At Harris Scarfe, we believe that if you're going to spend over a third of your life sleeping, it's important to sleep in style! We have over 300 doona covers in a large variety of sizes, colours and fabrics, including prints and embossed fabrics.

When choosing the right cover for you, consider what best complements your bed linen and the rest of the room. And, of course, choose the right size to match your quilt.

Can I put a king-size quilt cover on a queen-size bed?

It's quite common to upsize your quilt and quilt cover to give you more coverage on your bed. However, it's essential to remember that you need to match the quilt cover to your quilt size. This will ensure your quilt doesn't move around too much inside the cover.

Which fabric should I choose for my doona cover?

Fabric is always a personal choice, and the best option may depend on your individual season and circumstance. Some fabrics work better in summer - for example, breathable cotton. Others, like flannelette, will keep you warmer in winter. And if you need something that's easy to clean, you can't do better than durable microfibre.

Our range includes all your favourite fabrics, so you can pick the right one for your needs.

View all of our bed linen online, or visit us in-store to see which fabrics feel most comfortable for you.