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Our range of bed comforters and coverlet sets will have you sleeping in comfort and style. We have put together a collection of our favourite comforters and coverlet brands, including Shaynna Blaze, Linen House, Urbane Home, Gainsborough, Mozi, Elysian, Soren and more. Explore our extensive collection of beautiful coverlets and comforter sets online or in-store to find your ideal look today.

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Is A Comforter The Same As A Quilt?

While both bed comforters and coverlets help you feel snug in style, the main differences between them are their thickness and warmth. Each one is designed for a different season and climate. That means you get to enjoy an easy-to-manage bed linen style, all year round! While they'll both keep you warm and cosy, bed comforters and quilts are two different products.

Quilts have three layers, and they're commonly filled with feathers, down or synthetic fibres. They're generally heavier and warmer than comforters too. As mentioned above, the other main difference is that quilts always need quilt covers, whereas comforters are an all-in-one design.

Do I Need A Cover For My Comforter Or Coverlet?

Unlike quilts, comforter sets and coverlet sets don't need a cover. They already come in fabulous colours, patterns and styles. Our thicker comforter sets have their cotton or polyester filling sewn in, which makes bed-making a breeze. You'll achieve a neat, tidy look every time with very little effort.

Our comforters and coverlets come in a range of styles, fabrics and sizes. From our plush sherpa and faux fur range to practical microfibre, cotton and polyester, we've got a comforter or coverlet to suit your room and your aesthetic. Our collection includes both queen and king sizes, with some styles versatile across any bed size. Check out our guide on what to look for when buying homewares for more helpful information and tips.

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Find the Right Bed Comforters & Coverlets at Harris Scarfe

Our bed comforters are perfect for cooler months. They're lovely and thick, keeping you warm and cosy at night while their elegant, plush quilting gives your room a stylish, inviting look. Our coverlets are a much lighter alternative, ideal for warm summer nights or for when you just want a lightweight option. For more helpful information, check out our guide on how to create your own cosy haven.

Shop our entire range of bed comforters and coverlets including single, double, king and queen-size comforter sets online or visit us in-store today.