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We all know the importance of getting a good night sleep, so why not sleep in a warm and stylish bed? A comforter or coverlet is the perfect bedding accessory to get cosy under during the cooler months. Whether you are looking for extra warmth or want to add your own unique style to your bed, Harris Scarfe has the best range of comforters and coverlets.

Before you decide to buy, it is important to know the difference between the two products. A comforter is a thick, quilted blanket that is usually fluffy. It is perfect for sleeping during winter and the thickness of the fibres add an extra layer of warmth. A coverlet is thinner and is traditionally used more as a decorative piece, but still offers some level of warmth. It all comes down to a matter of preference and how you like to sleep.

Both comforters and coverlets are ideal to sleep under and will add to the visual appeal of your bedding. Depending on your style and budget, both pieces are well worth the investment and will last for a long time.

Style and Comfort while You Sleep

Here at Harris Scarfe, we sell the very best brands in Manchester. Whether you need a new comforter or a coverlet, you will love our range of bedding. Made from either cotton or polyester, we have big name brands including:

- Shaynna Blaze
- Linen House
- Urbane Home
- Gainsborough
- Mozi
- Elysian
- Soren

Made from quality material and featuring some elegant patterns and designs, your bed will not only look new but will add to the décor of your bedroom. If you are looking to add an extra layer or warmth and support to your bed, come into Harris Scarfe today to view our full range.