Thermal Underwear

During winter our bodies must work overtime to help keep the body temperature at a sustainable level. Fortunately, there is a solution to beat the winter chill, with thermal underwear. Made from a combination of materials, thermal clothes are perfect to wear underneath your clothes and to bed. The ideal under clothing for those bitterly cold winter days, your body will retain a lot more heat with thermal underwear.

Here at Harris Scarfe, our range of women's thermal underwear is made by Sash and Rose. Made from a mix of cotton and viscose, these thermals will ensure you are warm when the temperature drops. Our short sleeve collection called vests, come in a pointelle, merino, and plain designs, in either black or white.

If you really struggle with the cold weather, then you need a long-sleeve thermal. Just like the vests, these tops come in the pointelle and merino styles as well as heatgen that has a scoop neck design. Made from a combination of acrylic, viscose, and elastane these long-sleeve thermals are ideal for wearing day or night during the winter period.

Don't put up with the winter chill any longer, invest in quality thermal underwear to help keep your body heat from dropping. With Harris Scarfe, you're sure to find the right thermal at the best price.