Men's Casual Shoes

When you're trekking through the wilderness, out for a run or strolling around town, you need a quality pair of shoes that are comfortable and reflect your style. With a massive range of stylish men's casual shoes, you'll find all your footwear needs at Harris Scarfe.

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What kind of men's casual shoes are available at Harris Scarfe?

Whether you need a good pair of work boots, thongs when down at the beach or more, finding the right pair is easy with our range of casual shoes for men. If you're looking for specific footwear, here's what you'll find at Harris Scarfe:


For activities such as playing sports, running and other high-intensity exercises, you need a quality pair of sneakers that can keep up with you. Our men's sneakers will keep your feet comfortable and looking good. Our Hush Puppies Grampion Men's Sneakers features a lycra lining, making them breathable and able to stretch, offering unrestricted movement when you need it most.

Slip on shoes

If you can't be fussed with velcro, zips or laces, then slip on shoes are perfect. As our range of men's slip on shoes are designed to be breathable, you don't need to wear socks while worrying about getting sweaty feet. For example, our Bronson Saxton Slip On Shoes have a padded insole and an upper part made from cow suede leather for a breathable, comfortable pair of shoes.

Hiking boots

When you're out hiking, you require a durable pair of boots that can withstand the elements while giving your feet extra support on long treks. Designed with a foam back, breathable suede and a two-toned TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber) sole for excellent grip, our Slatters Suede Lace Up Hiking Boots will ensure your feet are comfortable and supported throughout the day.

Boat shoes

Ideal for warmer weather, completing a smart casual outfit or when out on the marina, men's boat shoes are the perfect combination of style and durability. With a rubber outsole featuring a herringbone tread pattern, our Julius Marlow Alistair Men's Boat Shoes offer increased traction on wet surfaces. They also have heel padding made from memory foam to provide long-lasting comfort.

Casual boots

Men's casual boots are perfect for all types of weather, especially when made from high-quality leather, provide great comfort and complement a wide range of outfit styles. Featuring a sleek modern style, our Slatters Chelsea Men's Chelsea Boots are ideal when hitting up the town or for looking stylish in the office. Made from quality pigskin leather, it excels in durability, breathability, and most importantly, comfort!

Work boots

To keep your feet safe and protected when working on-site, a durable and solid pair of work boots is an absolute must. For example, our stylish Munka Men's Girder Work Boots are designed to take whatever you can throw at them. They feature an impact-resistant steel toe cap to protect your toes, lightweight suede leather for breathability, and a shock-absorbing sole to offer the ultimate in foot comfort.

What else can I find in the men's footwear range at Harris Scarfe?

Looking for something a little more casual for a day at the beach or for home? The huge Harris Scarfe men's footwear range has you covered.

  • Sandals & slides: Whether it's for walking around the backyard or cooler footwear during the hotter months, Harris Scarfe has a great range of men's sandals and slides in a variety of styles to ensure you're always looking good.
  • Slippers & house shoes: Great for a casual day at home, our men's slippers and house shoes are the perfect indoor footwear. They're comfy, protect your feet from dirty surfaces and keep you looking stylish, even when at home.
  • Thongs/flip flops: When you think of summer, the iconic Australian thong springs to mind. Our men's thongs (also known as flip flops) are the perfect comfortable footwear for a sunny day at the beach or a casual stroll through town.

Find the Right Men's Casual Shoes and Footwear at Harris Scarfe

Having a great pair of shoes cannot be overstated. For a stylish range of comfortable hiking boots, breathable sneakers, durable work boots and more, shop our huge range of men's casual shoes and footwear at Harris Scarfe.

Browse our entire range of men's casual shoes and comfortable footwear online or visit us in-store today.