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Whether you're enjoying a picnic, a day out at the beach or battling traffic on the way to work, the last thing you need is hot drinks going cold and cold food getting warm. At Harris Scarfe, we have a quality range of coolers and thermoses that will keep your food and drinks at the optimum temperature.

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What coolers and thermoses are available at Harris Scarfe?

From insulated lunch bags to keep your food nice and fresh come lunchtime to stainless-steel bottles with double wall insulation, Harris Scarfe has a fantastic range of coolers and thermoses for all your needs.

Travel mugs and cups

Our stainless-steel travel mugs are extremely durable, have a sealable lid and feature a double wall vacuum insulation, making them perfect for enjoying your morning coffee when on the go. If you're after more stylish designs, our insulated travel mugs, like our Mozi Botanical Travel Mug, feature a range of beautiful, colourful artwork including flowers, cats, birds and many more.

Flasks and bottles

Featuring an insulated lid that doubles as a handy drinking cup, thermal flasks like our Thermos 1.2L Flask have an unbreakable exterior and interior made of stainless steel, ideal for camping trips and picnics. For everyday bottles when working at the office or from home, our thermal drink bottles have sleek designs and will keep your water nice and cool throughout the day.

Food jars and containers

Designed with the latest vacuum insulation technology, our Thermos food jars are leak-proof, come with a convenient foldable spoon, and feature a stainless-steel lid that also acts as a serving bowl. Whether you want to keep your food hot during a hike or cold at a picnic with friends, insulated food containers like our Avanti 1L Food Container will help you avoid any nasty surprises.

Insulated lunch bags, boxes and baskets

Featuring a range of colourful designs, our insulated cooler bags, baskets and boxes are great for storing school lunches for the kids and work lunches for adults. Made from materials such as polyester and aluminium lining, they're quick and easy to clean, which is a big plus when unexpected spills happen.

Cooler boxes and bags

Going on a big hiking or camping trip and bringing a lot of food? Make sure the only thing that gets spoilt is your tastebuds with our range of cooler boxes and bags. Options like our Smith & Nobel 24L Wheelie Bag is roomy, will keep a large amount of food and drinks at the ideal temperature, and have an extendable handle to make carrying it around much easier.

How does a cooler or thermos work?

Without going too much into the complexities of thermodynamics, coolers and thermoses are magical contraptions that are designed to drastically delay the transfer of heat energy. When they're first made, all the air inside of their double walls lining is sucked out, creating a vacuum that acts as the perfect form of insulation.

Without air in between this double-walled layer, the heat from your morning cup of coffee can't escape, meaning you don't have to skull it before it gets cold. Likewise, heat from the outside also can't get in, which is why they keep your water nice and cold throughout the day.

How to clean and care for a cooler or thermos

Here are some quick and easy instructions to ensure your cooler bag or thermos stays nice and clean for many years to come:

  • Fill up your thermos or cooler bag with some warm water and a small squeeze of detergent.
  • Leave it to soak for around three to five minutes.
  • Use a microfibre cloth or dishrag to scrub both the inside and outside until clean.
  • Thoroughly rinse it out with warm water.
  • Using a clean, dry tea towel, wipe the inside and then leave it to dry.

Find the Right Coolers, Thermoses, and Insulated Containers at Harris Scarfe

Ideal for making sure your food and drinks stay at the perfect temperature throughout the day, our range of insulated containers, cooler bags and thermoses have all your needs covered. Also be sure to shop our massive range of kitchen accessories to ensure your kitchen draws are stocked with everything you need.

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