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What is the Appeal of Using Cast Iron Cookware?

You don't have to be a world-class chef to enjoy the benefits of using quality cast iron cookware in your kitchen. Known for its versatility, durability and heat retention properties, cooking with a cast iron pot or pan will enhance the flavour of your meal. Popularised in European and Asian cooking, the cookware is ideal for casseroles, stews or slow-cooked meats and vegetables.

One of the big appeals to using cast iron cookware and ovenware is how easy it is to look after. The surface is seasoned with either polymerised fat or oil which creates a non-stick coating. This helps protect the cookware from the formation of rust and prevent the surface from burning. As cast iron can tolerate very high heat, our range is also great for cooking outdoors on an open fire.

Maintaining the cookware, such as roasting pans, is as easy as washing them with warm water and then wiping them with a dry cloth after cooking. Many chefs advise against using techniques such as scouring or dishwashing as these will damage or remove the non-stick coating.

Every Kitchen Needs Quality Cast Iron Cookware

When you use your new cast iron cookware for the first time, you will experience a whole new level of cooking. At Harris Scarfe, our range of cast iron products are designed for the modern kitchen. With our Smith + Nobel by Miguel Maestre range, we have both raw and traditional cast iron cookware available in-store and online.

Our thick, cast iron 5L casserole pots are ideal for slow cooking and stewing, and the construction of the pot ensures even heat distribution (check out our top four cast iron pot recipes for some inspiration). Compatible with all hobs, whether electric or gas stove, and oven-safe, you'll easily create juicy, tender slow-cooked meats that will melt in your mouth. If rice or stir-fry is more your thing, our lightweight frying pans and woks will trap in the heat of the food. Made with a stainless-steel handle, it is best to hand wash your wok to keep it clean.

Our range of raw cast iron cookware sets is perfect for anyone wanting to sear a steak, make a fluffy omelette or grill vegetables over high heat. Thick and heavy in design, this range of cookware is available in a skillet, frypan or square grill. Safe to use over an open fire, in the oven and on stovetops (including induction), it is advisable that you coat the surface with vegetable oil after it has been washed and dried.

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