Pick the Perfect Quilt

Pick the Perfect Quilt


Now more than ever, investing in the right quilt is essential. Not only can it improve the way you sleep, but it can also be a smart way to save on your heating bill. That's why we've dedicated this edition of Linen Club to help you pick the perfect quilt, whether it's light and fluffy or something to rug up under, you'll find it here.




Feather and Down is a luxurious natural fibre. It feels light, soft and fluffy and provides all the warmth you need, without the weight of a heavier quilt. Made from duck or goose feathers, these quilts come in a variety of weights and ratios; with the feathers creating the structure and down providing the much-needed warmth and loft.

We love these quilts because they naturally regulate your body temperature, helping to keep you comfortable as you sleep. So, if you don't like heavy quilts and need something that breathes, then Feather & Down Quilts are perfect for you!

TIP: All our feather & down quilts are machine washable and have cotton covers.




We love wool and here's why; it's natural and breathable. Wool naturally regulates your body temperature and wicks moisture away from the body, helping keep you stay comfortable all night long.

Wool quilts come in a variety of weights, with lighter quilts (300 to 350 GSM) perfect for hot sleepers or warmer nights. While heavier wool quilts (400 to 500GSM) are best for when it's cold, or if you enjoy the comfort of a heavier quilt as you sleep.

If you're looking for something perfect for this winter, we recommend this Minijumbuk Gold Australian Wool Quilt as we head into the cooler months.TIP: Our wool quilts have cotton covers which help with the breathability. We also offer a variety of non-washable and machine washable options.




Polyester quilts are available in a number of different weights, covers and fill, making them a nice cost efficient option all year round. They're extremely durable and easy to care for, requiring little other than a machine wash every so often to stay clean. Plus, most of our polyester quilts are antibacterial, making them a great option for kids.

For those who have allergies to natural fibres, alternative to down quilts like this Gainsborough Down Alternative quilt are perfect, as they are light and lofty, offering similar characteristics of a feather and down quilt.

TIP: Light Polyester quilts (200 to 250GSM) are called 'All Seasons' and are ideal for summer




Cotton is the ultimate summer quilt. It's breathable, natural and will dissipate moisture away from the body as you sleep. Cotton is also lightweight, so if you're a hot sleeper then this is the quilt you need for those warm summer months.

Like polyester quilts, cotton is easy to care for. Simply machine wash and air regularly to maintain quality. For durability and comfort look no further than the Jason Cotton Quilt.

TIP: We offer Australian cotton quilts in our range during the summer months only.


We hope our Linen Club Quilt Edition has made finding the right quilt for you a little bit easier. Don't forget to check back for next month's Linen Club, where we'll help you get to know your sheets.


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