How to find your spring style at home with Shaynna Blaze

How to find your spring style at home with Shaynna Blaze

Spring is here, and we're embracing the energy of renewal with Shaynna Blaze's newest range.

Spring Brings It Home

Inspired by Australia's flora and fauna, Shaynna's striking prints and stunning contemporary tones across bedding, dinnerware and more, have us throwing open our doors and windows to invite the beautiful Australian landscape inside. In the spirit of spring and renewal, we asked our very own style ambassador Shaynna Blaze for her tips and tricks on how to reinvent key living spaces, transform our homes with modern interior design and unlock our inner stylist.

The Living Room

It's no accident we call the living room just that. It's where so much of family life unfolds and creating a beautifully styled living room will go a long way to helping your house feel like a home.


Find an anchor

Styling inspiration is everywhere, but if you're unsure where to start, Shaynna suggests finding an anchor - an artwork, object or piece of furniture you adore that you can use as your touchstone to build a room around.

This may even be a favourite flower arrangement, like spring bud and boughs.

Cushions you'll covet

Other than a bed, your sofa is one of the most important pieces of furniture in your home. And dressing it with purposefully chosen cushions is a simple and elegant way of introducing colour, texture and comfort, as well as keeping your look current.

Let nature guide you

With so many unique, diverse ecosystems and such gorgeous flora and fauna, Australia is blessed with an abundance of natural beauty and inspiration. Invite the tones, shapes, forms and textures you find outside into your living room to give a sense of place and continuity.

The Bathroom

Just like the tiniest drop of perfume, even a modest splash of style in the bathroom can go a long way, making it a calming and welcoming sanctuary you'll never want to leave.


Treat towels as a canvas

There is no doubt that soft, fluffy towels are bathroom essentials.

With so many textures, tones and patterns to choose from, towels can add instant art to the bathroom.

Bathe in light

Think of your favourite spa, chances are it's bathed in a soft, ambient glow.

It's incredibly easy to replicate that relaxed vibe at home: simply light those scented candles you've been saving or add a pretty table lamp to your vanity.


Clean and green

With its warm, moist air and filtered light, the bathroom is the perfect environment for indoor plants.

Not only do plants soften the straight lines and hard edges of a bathroom, inviting nature indoors creates a wonderfully fresh and calming ambience.

The Bedroom

As the last space you see before bed and the first you see upon waking, the best bedrooms ooze cosiness, simplicity and serenity.

Here's how to bring bliss to your bedroom.


Choose your mood, then find your colour

Do you want your bedroom to feel rich and opulent or calm and serene? Landing on your mood first makes it simpler to narrow down a corresponding and complementing colour palette.

Bring it back to the basics

It's amazing how little a bedroom really needs. Your bed, a bedside table or two, a dresser with a vase of fresh spring flowers, and perhaps a chair are really all the space demands. This is a space for rest, and it should look and feel restful.


Finish with layers of luxury

Few things deliver more comfort to bedrooms than luxurious linens. Replacing existing bedding with fresh fabrics can be the quickest and most economical way to transform your bedroom.

Then up the luxe by introducing sensual finishing fabrics - think mohair throws for the bed or chair, textured wall coverings, or even a plush rug.

The Dining Table

As the beating heart of the home, the kitchen is where families gravitate for company and nourishment. Here are a few simple styling tricks can make your dining space feel blissful and fresh for spring.


Layering colours

Rather than dressing your table in the one colour, use a variety of colours to add depth and interest to your table setting. Colours that compliment one another give the table setting a sense of fun while keeping a styled approach to your home décor.


Keep adding to your collection

Don't feel you have to purchase your intended look all at once. Build your collection piece by piece to create an eclectic, considered collection. With Shaynna Blaze's Airlie range you can buy one or two pieces or buy the whole set - you decide!

We can't wait to put Shaynna's advice into practice in our own homes this spring, and we're even more excited to see how you let your inner stylist shine. Don't forget - you can shop Shaynna's complete spring collection at Harris Scarfe right now.


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