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Food Processor

Commonly referred to as the ultimate kitchen appliance, a food processor is most commonly used for food preparation. Similar to a blender, these machines do not require any liquid to help the blade move and can chop large quantities of food at once. From parmesan cheese to biscuits, fruits and vegetables, the sharp blade chops and dices food quickly and effectively.

In fact, many chefs use the food processors to make soups, as the blade and speed of the appliance help make it thick and creamy. Many of our processors come with different blades that are used for different processing methods. This is more convenient than having to manually chop or slice large quantities of food at one time.

If the idea of grating or chopping foods for long periods of time makes you shudder, it is time to upgrade to a food processor. Not only is it less time consuming to use, cleaning up after is easy and efficient. You'll be amazed at how much you can do with this one appliance, without the fear of cutting yourself.

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Investing in a quality food processor is a must for your kitchen. Whether you are a chef in a professional kitchen or home cook master whiz, this appliance will change the way you do your food preparation. Our range of food processors are made by leading experts in kitchen appliances.

If you are looking for an all in one processor, our Smith + Noblel and Russell Hobbs food processors each come with various size blades for chopping, grating, and slicing. With powerful, torque motors, these food processors are ideal for anyone that will use their appliance every so often.

Selected Smith + Nobel food processors come with a blender jug with variable speed control. They can also include grinder mills, blade hook, dough hook, stainless steel cutting discs, emulsifier disc, citrus press, and spatula. Making these food processors the ultimate kitchen appliance.