Luxurious pillowcases can make you feel like you’re resting your head on a cloud, and add style and elegance to your room with very little effort. With a range of stunning colours and quality fabrics, our collection includes European and body pillowcases as well as standard sizes.

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What type of pillowcase do I need?

At Harris Scarfe, our bed pillows and pillowcases come in many different sizes, including European pillowcases, standard, U-shaped and body pillowcases.

Choose a design that complements your bed linen. And if you're not sure what size you need, contact our friendly team to help.

European pillowcases add style to your room

Are you ready to add a little dimension to your bed? A 65cm x 65cm European pillow will create height when you style your sleeping space.

Then add in one of our deluxe range of European pillowcases to match your colour scheme and aesthetic for an extra touch of luxury in your room.

Body pillowcases add support in colours to match your decor

Body pillows are wonderful to reduce back and neck pain. They relieve pressure points, and provide support and comfort. And our extensive range of body pillowcase colours lets you style your body pillow to match your bed linen and complement your decor.

Which pillowcase material is best?

The 'right' pillowcase is always a personal decision, and what suits one person may not suit everyone. Just as with our sheet sets, it's important to find a fabric that feels right for you: choose between cotton, satin, velvet and polycotton.

Cotton has always been a crowd favourite because it's breathable, comfortable and easy to wash. Cotton pillowcases come in various thread counts and many different colours.

Satin is one of our more luxurious pillowcase options with a smooth, cool texture. As an added bonus, it may help to keep your hair shiny and your skin soft.

Polycotton pillowcases are durable and long-lasting. The ultimate in practicality, they wash well and are comfortable to sleep on.

Velvet and decorative pillowcases are perfect to instantly add colour and warmth to your room. They're also luxuriously soft and cosy.

How often should you wash your pillowcase?

Experts recommend changing your pillowcase every two days to keep it clean and fresh. Pillowcases often develop a build-up of dirt, sweat and oils from our skin, so it's important to change them frequently to avoid bacteria or nasty allergens.

And if the thought of washing every two days sounds exhausting, we recommend keeping extra pillowcases on hand to limit your washing frequency.

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