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If you're serious about your spirits or making cocktails, it's a good idea to have a few essential pieces of glassware on hand. They enhance the flavour & mouthfeel of your drink whilst helping to make it look more appealing. At Harris Scarfe, we're committed to supplying quality drinkware and glassware made from lead-free crystal and glass, in speciality-built shapes and sizes to suit different liquors. Read on to find out what glassware every home bar should have, and why.

Top 10 Bar Glass Types You Need For Your Bar

Here's a list of some essential glassware that you should have in your home bar. With these glasses, you'll be able to serve a wide variety of cocktails and drinks to your guests:

  1. Whisky glass or tumbler: Used for serving spirits on the rocks or mixed drinks, such as Manhattans or Old-Fashioned cocktails.
  2. Highball glass: Used for serving tall drinks, such as gin and tonics or rum and cokes.
  3. Martini glass: Used for serving classic cocktails like martinis or other straight-up drinks.
  4. Champagne flute: Used for serving sparkling wines or champagne.
  5. Wine glass: Used for serving wine, both red and white. Available in stemmed and stemless varieties.
  6. Shot glass: Used for measuring and serving shots of spirits or liqueurs.
  7. Beer glass: Used for serving beer in a variety of sizes.
  8. Collins glass: Used for serving cocktails with ice, such as Tom Collins or Bloody Mary.
  9. Gin glass: Balloon-shaped stemmed glass, used for serving spirits such as gin.
  10. Margarita glass: Used for serving margaritas or frozen cocktails with salted rims.

Once your perfect bar glass collection is ready, be sure to check out our food hub guide on 17 easy classic cocktail recipes.

Bar Glasses FAQs

How to clean bar glasses?

Wash the glasses one at a time with the brush, rinse thoroughly, sanitise, and dry upside down. Use a mild detergent, glass cleaner, and sanitiser to prevent film, spots, and germs. Soak cloudy glasses in vinegar, scrub stubborn stains with baking soda, rinse with a vinegar-water solution, and polish with a microfibre cloth.

How to store glasses in a bar?

Here are some tips for storing glasses in a bar:

  • Organise glasses by size and stack them upside down.
  • Use a glass rack to maximise space and prevent breakage.
  • Avoid overcrowding and keep glasses in a dry, cool place.
  • Label shelves or cabinets for easy access.
  • Add padding and slip mats to prevent glasses from clanking together.

What glassware is needed for a home bar?

We've listed our top 10 essential bar glasses above. A perfect bar glass start would start with wine glasses, beer glasses, shot glasses, champagne flutes, cocktail glasses, and tumblers at a minimum. A decanter or carafe is also incredibly useful for serving wine, whisky, and other aged spirits that benefit from aeration.

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