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Discover our range of Hiball glasses in a variety of styles at Harris Scarfe. Enjoy your favourite drinks with sleek hiball glasses and tall drinking glasses.

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Serve Up Tall Cocktails & Drinks With Highball Glasses In A Variety Of Styles

When it comes to versatile drinkware, very few glasses match that of the highball glass. At Harris Scarfe, we sell highball glasses in a range of funky and contemporary styles, as well as timeless classic designs that are sure to become one of your favourite glasses for cocktails. Our kitchen and dining range includes barware for all types of liquors and spirits, such as wine glasses, gin glasses, whisky glasses & martini glasses, champagne flutes, crystal decanters and more. Serve your drinks in style with beautiful hiball glasses from the collection at Harris Scarfe.

What Are Highball Glasses?

A highball glass (also called a highball tumbler, rocks glass, or Collins glass) is a tall, straight-sided bar glass that can hold between 240 and 350mL of liquid. Highball glasses are often used for drinks that contain a large proportion of a non-alcoholic mixer, such as a gin and tonic, a vodka cranberry, or a rum and Coke. They can also be used for drinks that are served over ice, such as a Long Island iced tea or a mojito. The style of glass first became popular in the 19th century when cocktails began to rise in popularity. The term "highball" actually refers to the drink it was originally used for, which was a simple mixture of whisky and soda water.

Today, highball glasses are one of the most popular choices for a range of versatile beverages, and for good reason. Choose a highball tumbler made from quality lead-free crystal or soda-lime glass to ensure a durable, long-lasting glass that maintains its clarity and shine.

Hiball Glasses FAQs

What is considered a highball glass?

For a glass to be considered a "highball" shape, it should have at least these few distinguishing characteristics: a tall and narrow shape, a capacity of between 240 and 350mL, and a flat base. Typically made out of durable lead-free crystal or soda-lime glass.

What drinks are highball glasses used for?

Some of the most popular drinks highball glasses are used for include gin and tonic, mojito, whisky sour, Tom Collins, Bloody Mary, as well as non-alcoholic drinks such as lemonade and iced tea. Check out our recipes for 17 easy cocktails for more ideas on our Food hub.

What is the difference between a tumbler and a highball glass?

The main difference between a tumbler and a highball glass is their size and intended use, with tumblers being shorter and wider and typically used for spirits, and highball glasses being taller and narrower and typically used for mixed drinks.

Discover More Premium Glassware At Harris Scarfe

The highball glass is an essential part of any bartender's arsenal, and its timeless design and versatility have helped to make it one of the most popular and enduring types of cocktail glasses in existence. Browse our range of highball glasses and premium barware online & in-store to see the quality for yourself. With some of Australia's favourite trusted brands to choose from, such as Art Craft, Krosno and Maxwell & Williams, you're in good hands when it comes to choosing high-end glassware at Harris Scarfe.