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A Toast To Tumblers: Stemless Wine Glasses At Harris Scarfe

Stemless wine glasses are a type of tumbler-style glass, designed to be suitable for drinking wine. Whether you're a wine aficionado or just after an option for casual entertaining, stemless glasses are an excellent choice for your glassware collection. At Harris Scarfe, we stock stemless & stemmed glasses and flutes for both red and white wine. Whilst some may believe that one standard set of red wine glasses will suffice for all occasions, we recommend having a combination of both types on hand. Read on to find out some benefits of adding some stemless wine glasses to your cabinet.

Benefits of Stemless Wine Glasses

It's a well-known fact that drinkware is created in a variety of shapes and sizes, to maximise enjoyment of whatever beverage it is designed to hold. Wine glasses are no exception to this rule. While the stemmed glass is typically the most popular choice for wine, there are some benefits to stemless glass that you may not have considered:

  • Improved stability: A clear benefit of the stemless glass is a lower centre of gravity, meaning that accidents to do with knocking the glass are much less likely. This makes stemless glasses an excellent choice for casual entertaining. Less spills mean less mess to clean up when your guests go home!
  • Easy Storage: Stemless glasses take up less room and are much easier to store away in a glassware cabinet. If you're tight on kitchen space, stemless glasses may be the perfect option for you.
  • On-trend: Many households are moving away from formal dining & entertaining styles, opting for a more relaxed, casual approach. In line with this trend, it makes sense that the popularity of stemless glassware is on the rise.

What Are The Top Brands For Stemless Wine Glasses?

  • Krosno: Originating from Poland, Krosno is a world-renowned glass and crystal ware company. At Harris Scarfe, we offer a fantastic collection of Krosno products for all types of alcohol, including carafes, decanters & stemless wine glasses.
  • Casa Domani: A favourite brand among Australians, Casa Domani offers a wide variety of tableware suited to alfresco dining & entertaining. Our top pick from the range would be the Evolve 6-Piece Stemless Wine Glass set.
  • Maxwell & Williams: For modern yet timeless & beautifully simple glassware, look no further than the Maxwell & Williams range available at Harris Scarfe. If you're looking to gift a set of stemless glasses, their gift-boxed set of 6 could be the perfect option.

Stemless Wine Glasses FAQs

Why use stemless vs. stemmed wine glasses?

The most obvious advantage of using a stemless wine glass versus a stemmed glass is the increased stability, due to the absence of a stem. Stemless glasses are much less likely to be knocked over.

What is the difference between red and white stemless wine glasses?

The difference between red and white stemless glass is the same as their stemmed counterparts. The bowl shape of the glass will vary, suited to that specific type of wine. Stemmed glasses are typically a more popular choice for white grape varieties of wine, but there are still flute-shaped stemless options available for the white wine lover.

Choose The Best Wine Glasses Available At Harris Scarfe

We have options for both the budding sommelier as well as the casual entertainer. We also stock an incredible range of accessories to help elevate your wine game at home. If you're looking to improve your wine-tasting and charcuterie skills, take a look at our guide to perfect wine & cheese pairings. Here at Harris Scarfe, we can help you take your next dinner party to a new level! Just refer to our Food Hub for recipes from professional and celebrity chefs, as well as tips and tricks for entertaining. For the best range of glassware & kitchen supplies, look no further than Harris Scarfe. Shop online or visit us in-store today!