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What wine glasses are available at Harris Scarfe?

Whether you take your wine seriously or want a specific style of glassware, you'll find a variety of wine glasses to suit your needs. Each type of wine has its own type of glassware, featuring various shapes and sizes designed to enjoy their full flavours. Here is a quick guide of the wine glasses you can find at Harris Scarfe and why it's important to choose the right one.

Red wine glasses

To provide a smoother taste, red wine glasses are designed with a wide opening to alleviate the bitterness of the tannin. Bordeaux glasses are perfect for full-bodied red wines such as cabernet sauvignon as they are tall, directing the wine to the back of the mouth for maximum flavour. For lighter red wines like pinot noir, our Krosno Harmony 6-Piece Red Wine Glasses have a wide bowl to improve the flavour by allowing plenty of air to circulate the wine.

White wine glasses

Featuring a slightly smaller bowl, white wine glasses are designed to maintain a cool temperature and preserve the aromas of the wine. Sauvignon blanc glasses are excellent for floral and fruity white wines like pinot grigio due to their tall stem and slender bowl, which helps guide the aromas straight to the nose. Sweet wine glasses, such as our Luigi Bormioli 6pk White Wine Glasses, are perfect for sweeter white wines like grüner veltliner because of their smaller rim, avoiding an overwhelming sweetness by guiding the wine towards the centre of the mouth.

Specialty wine glasses

Specialty wine glasses are great to have on hand for when entertaining guests and celebrating special occasions. Sherry and port wine glasses, like our Krosno Harmony 6-Piece Port Glasses, are great for dessert wines with a high alcohol content because they're designed with a smaller and more narrow shape to reduce evaporation. Coupe and vintage wine glasses, like our Luigi Bormioli 4pk Coupe Glasses, are a must-have for those who enjoy sparkling wine such as champagne and prosecco. Highly popular in the 1920s, they feature a short stem with a wide, shallow bowl that holds a smaller amount of liquid, perfect for events and gatherings when you don't want too much bubbly going straight to your head.

All-purpose wine glasses

If you can't be fussed with a specific shape, then all-purpose wine glasses are a great choice. They feature a stem with a bowl shape that's somewhere in between white and red wine glasses, but might not provide the same experience as if drinking from the correct type of wine glass. They are also available in stemless varieties for a more contemporary style, such as our Casa Domani 6-Piece Stemless Wine Glasses.

What other glassware can I find at Harris Scarfe?

Not a fan of wine? No problem, we've got a wide selection of glassware such as:

  • Whiskey and cocktail bar glasses: Whiskey glasses have a solid base and are great for entertaining or enjoying a quiet night in. Cocktail bar glasses, such as our Art Craft 6-Piece Ibiza Cocktail Glasses, feature a tulip shape that contains carbonation and ensures each sip is fresh and crisp.
  • Barware, bar tools and accessories: Bar accessories like our stainless-steel cocktail muddlers, whiskey rocks and cocktail shakers are perfect for showing off your bartending skills. Our barware range also has champagne stoppers for ensuring your bubbly doesn't go flat quickly, and ice crushers for making the ultimate margarita!
  • Champagne flutes and glasses: As a must-have for champagne lovers, our champagne flutes feature long stems with a long, narrow bowl to fully capture the flavour and retain the carbonation.
  • Coffee cups, mugs and glasses: Our range of coffee drinkware features double wall coffee glasses and mugs that keep cold beverages cool and hot beverages hotter for longer.
  • Tumblers and highball: Our highball and tumbler glassware features a range of stylish designs including minimalistic, embossed diamond-cut bands, vintage and more.
  • Decanters, dessert bowls and stands: Our decanters are designed to let the wine breathe and release its aromas and flavours. We also have glass dessert bowls and stands to offer stunning presentations when entertaining each and every time.

Find the Right Wine Glasses at Harris Scarfe

If you take your wine and cocktails seriously, then choosing the right type of glassware will elevate your tasting experience. Once you've found the type of drinkware, why not try making these Five Delicious Cocktail Recipes!

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