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Gin, the ever popular spirit, is made from distilled grains. It acquires its predominant flavour from the infusion of juniper berries but often includes other botanicals, such as fruits and herbs. Today, gin is enjoyed all around the world both on its own and in a variety of delicious concoctions. Like many other alcoholic beverages, gin is best experienced using speciality glassware that is designed to enhance taste and aroma. At Harris Scarfe, we stock a great range of gin glasses to help you get the most out of that expensive bottle.

Benefits Of Using A Gin Glass

Speciality-made gin glasses have been used to drink gin for centuries. The shape of the gin glass bowl helps the gin's aromatics travel to the drinkers' nose. A wider bowl makes it easier to appreciate the botanicals' nuances when they evaporate. Gin glasses are made from crystal, the clarity of which helps to showcase the gin's true colour. Using the right glass also creates a ritualistic component to the entire experience and helps to elevate the gin's value.

Different Types Of Gin Glasses Available At Harris Scarfe

At Harris Scarfe, we stock a range of gin glasses in different styles from notable brands that offer quality drinkware. For a timeless gin glass showcasing intricate designs and exquisite quality, look no further than the Luigi Bormioli range - we love the Mixology Spanish Gin & Tonic Glasses available in a set of 4. If you're looking for a more simple, modern style, the Krosno Gin Balloon Duet is an exemplary choice. For a more bold, luxurious look, check out Tempa's selection of glass gin sets with a gold finish.

Gin Glasses: Frequently Asked Questions

What glasses are best for gin?

While it's considered perfectly fine to enjoy gin out of a standard tumbler, the stemmed balloon-shape of a glass specific for gin carries a number of benefits. The stem not only makes it easier to hold and prevents spillage, but will also regulate the temperature by keeping your hand away from the bowl of the glass. As already mentioned, the wide mouth of a balloon glass enhances the aromatics of the gin, allowing for a superior nosing and tasting experience.

How to make a gin and tonic?

Gin and tonic is an incredibly popular combination for enjoying gin, and is simple to make. At Harris Scarfe, we consider our gin glasses the ideal type of glass for enjoying a gin and tonic. Over at our Food hub, we offer the best recipe for how to make a gin and tonic, as well as a number of other classic gin cocktails.

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Shop the best glasses for gin right here at Harris Scarfe, online or in-store today. We also stock a fabulous range of other barware for martinis, cocktails, whisky & wine. No matter what your favourite beverage is, at Harris Scarfe, you'll be sure to find quality glassware designed to enhance the experience, down to the last drop.