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Indulge in exquisite Luigi Bormioli glassware that elevates every sip and celebration. Whether you're hosting a dinner party or unwinding at home, Luigi Bormioli offers a sophisticated fusion of craftsmanship and elegance.

Since its inception in Parma, Italy, in 1946, Luigi Bormioli has epitomised excellence in glassmaking. With over seven decades of experience, the brand has perfected the art of blending Italian heritage with modern innovation to create glassware of unrivalled quality. Luigi Bormioli embodies the essence of Italian elegance, infusing each glass with a passion for craftsmanship and attention to detail. The brand's ethos revolves around marrying traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology to produce glassware that is both exquisite and durable.

Luigi Bormioli FAQs

Does glassware contain lead?

Luigi Bormioli's glassware is meticulously crafted using a proprietary formula of lead-free crystal and advanced techniques. This process results in glassware that boasts exceptional clarity, strength, and resistance to breakage. The lead-free composition ensures that Luigi Bormioli glasses are safe for everyday use, enhancing the natural flavours of your beverages.

What kinds of glasses can be found in the range?

  • Elevate Your Wine Experience: Luigi Bormioli Wine Glasses: Savour the nuances of your favourite wines with Luigi Bormioli wine glasses, expertly designed to enhance aromas and flavours. Each glass is a testament to precision craftsmanship, making it a must-have for wine enthusiasts.
  • Celebrate in Style: Luigi Bormioli Champagne Glasses: Mark special occasions with Luigi Bormioli champagne glasses, featuring delicate stems and timeless designs that add a touch of sophistication to every toast. Experience the effervescence of champagne with elegance.
  • Discover Gin Tasting: Luigi Bormioli Gin Glasses: Delve into the world of gin with Luigi Bormioli gin glasses, crafted to accentuate the complex botanicals and flavours of your favourite spirits. Enhance your gin-tasting experience with glasses that marry form and function.
  • Mix and Serve with Flair: Luigi Bormioli Cocktail Glasses: Unleash your creativity behind the bar with Luigi Bormioli cocktail glasses, designed to showcase and elevate your favourite cocktails. From classic martinis to innovative concoctions, these glasses are essential for any home bar.

How to wash Luigi Bormioli glassware?

Luigi Bormioli glassware is dishwasher safe for your convenience, ensure you use the top rack and carefully place the glasses in the designated holders. Use a streak free rinse aid to ensure best results. Luigi Bormioli glassware is engineered with added resistance to mechanical shocks that will remain sparkling even after 4,000 industrial dishwasher cycles.

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