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The Allure of The Perfect Whisky Glass

Whether drinking it straight, on the rocks, or in your favourite cocktail, tasting whisky begins with selecting the right glass. The allure of whisky glasses, also known as whisky tumblers or snifters, lies in their ability to enhance the sensory experience of the beverage, evoke a sense of tradition and elegance, and create a shared appreciation for the drink among enthusiasts.

  • Aesthetics: Whisky glasses are designed with a distinctive and elegant look. They often have a short and wide shape, allowing you to appreciate the colour and clarity of the whisky. The design of the glass can enhance the overall drinking experience and make it more visually appealing.
  • Aromatics & Taste: Many glasses have a tulip-like shape that concentrates the aromas within the glass, allowing you to experience the complex scents and savour the nuances of the whisky fully. The thickness and weight of the glass can also affect the overall drinking experience, providing a certain tactile pleasure.
  • Social and cultural aspects: Whisky is often enjoyed in the company of others. Using specialised whiskey glasses can enhance the social aspect of sharing and discussing different whisky varieties.

Investing in a quality set that will last many years is key. What's more, they also make for excellent gifts. Read on to learn about some of the best glasses at Harris Scarfe to serve your whisky.


Different Types of Whisky Glasses Available At Harris Scarfe


When purchasing a whisky glass set, one vital consideration is how many glasses you require. At Harris Scarfe, we stock a range of whisky glass sets to suit your needs:


Whisky Glass FAQ


What type of glass is best for whisky?

Over time, the lowball-shaped tumbler whisky glass made from lead-free crystal has become the most coveted style of glass from which to serve whiskey. It offers an improved mouthfeel whilst sipping, compared to typical glass.


Why should you put whisky in a glass bottle?


You may have wondered why it is considered best practice to store whiskey in a glass bottle, also known as a decanter. Whisky decanters can be used for long-term storage to preserve the life and quality of your spirit. Just ensure it has a quality, air-tight stopper to seal the liquid and prevent oxidation, which can negatively impact the quality or strength of whisky over time.


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The tradition of enjoying whisky has been refined over generations, and some consider it an art. It's all about attention to fine detail, and choosing the right type of glassware is one of the easiest ways to enhance the experience. At Harris Scarfe, we offer a versatile range of drinkware for enjoying specific spirits or alcoholic beverages such as gin, whisky, wine & beer. You can also shop our range of bar tools and barware to take your mixology skills to the next level. Shop the Harris Scarfe range of whisky glasses and barware online or visit us in-store today!