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Complete Your Tea and Coffee Setup with Sugar & Creamer Sets

Sugar and creamer sets, also known as sugar bowls and creamer jugs, are essential components of any tea or coffee service. Traditionally, a sugar bowl is used to hold sugar cubes or loose sugar, while a creamer jug is used to pour milk or cream into tea or coffee. Together, they add a touch of sophistication to the table and enhance the overall dining experience.

Why Use Sugar & Creamer Sets?

The use of sugar and creamer sets dates back centuries and has become a staple in tea and coffee culture around the world. These sets not only add a decorative element to the table but also serve a practical purpose. Whether you're hosting a high tea party, enjoying morning or afternoon tea, or serving coffee after a main meal, sugar and creamer sets provide convenience and elegance.

How To Use Sugar & Creamer Sets

Sugar and creamer sets are versatile pieces of classic serveware that can be used in various settings:

  • High Tea Parties: Impress your guests with a beautifully set table featuring an elegant sugar bowl and creamer jug. Pair them with delicate tea cups and saucers for a sophisticated high tea experience.
  • Morning or Afternoon Tea: Start your day off right with a cup of tea or coffee served with a dash of milk and a spoonful of sugar. A stylish sugar and creamer set adds a touch of luxury to your morning or afternoon tea ritual.
  • Coffee Service: Whether you prefer your coffee black or with milk and sugar, a sugar bowl and creamer jug are essential for serving coffee after a main meal. Create a coffee station with all the essentials for your guests to customise their coffee to their liking.

What serveware do I need for morning tea?

Enhance your high tea or morning tea table setting with our selection of:

  • Serving Bowls & Condiment Dishes: Ideal for presenting a variety of accompaniments such as fruit salads, yoghurt, or granola for a wholesome start to your day.
  • Sauce Dishes: Perfect for serving sauces or dips alongside breakfast favourites like bacon, sausages, or eggs benedict, adding extra flavour to your morning spread.
  • Butter Dishes: Keep your butter perfectly portioned and at the ready for spreading onto toast, muffins, or scones, ensuring a deliciously creamy addition to your morning tea treats.
  • Serving Bowls: Versatile bowls that can be used for serving cereal, porridge, or hot dishes like scrambled eggs or oatmeal, providing a comforting and satisfying breakfast option.
  • Gravy Boats: While traditionally used for gravy, these boats are also handy for serving syrups or honey to drizzle over pancakes, waffles, or French toast, adding sweetness to your morning tea delights.

How To Brew the Perfect Cup of Coffee at Home

Want to start your day off right with the perfect cup of coffee? Look no further than your own kitchen, and the range of tea and coffee-making supplies available at Harris Scarfe. Making barista-quality coffee at home is easier than you think. From mastering the art of espresso to perfecting the pour-over method, there are various techniques to explore. For a comprehensive guide to making coffee at home, we invite you to read our Ultimate Guide to Making Coffee at Home. Explore options including classic teapots, espresso machines, stovetop espresso makers, and French press and plunger coffee for a truly customised coffee experience that suits your taste preferences.

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