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What French Presses & Coffee Plungers Are Available At Harris Scarfe?

As indicated in the name, the French press (also known as a coffee plunger) is an appliance used in coffee-making, originating from France. Today, coffee presses remain one of the most popular and effective methods of making espresso. At Harris Scarfe, you'll find premium quality coffee presses and plungers from trusted brands such as Avanti and Maxwell & Williams. If you're still deciding whether a French press is right for you, read on to read about some of the benefits & tips for making the perfect cup. Happy brewing!

Benefits of Using a Coffee Plunger/French Press

  • Full extraction of flavour: A coffee plunger/press allows for complete immersion of the coffee grounds, thus extracting the full flavour and aroma of the coffee beans. This results in a richer and stronger-tasting cup of coffee.
  • Control over brewing time and strength: By controlling the steeping time and the amount of pressure exerted, you can customise the strength of your coffee according to your taste preferences.
  • No need for electricity: Unlike other brewing methods, such as espresso machines or drip coffee makers, a coffee plunger/press does not require electricity. This makes it an ideal choice for camping, travelling, or when there is a power outage.
  • Environmentally friendly: Coffee plungers/presses don't require paper filters, which means less waste is generated. Many coffee grounds can also be composted, further reducing environmental impact.
  • Cost-effective: Coffee plungers/presses are generally more affordable compared to other coffee brewing methods. They also allow you to use any type of coffee, whether it's whole beans or pre-ground, without the need for expensive coffee pods or capsules.
  • Versatile: Coffee plungers/presses can also be used to make other drinks like tea or cold brew coffee. They can even be used to froth milk and make cold brew coffee, as well as tea or hot chocolate.
  • Portable and durable: Coffee plungers/presses are typically made of stainless steel or durable plastic, making them highly portable and resistant to damage. This makes them ideal for taking on camping trips, picnics, or other outdoor activities.

How To Make Coffee Using a French Press/Coffee Plunger?

Making coffee with a french press or coffee plunger is simple.

  1. Assemble the coffee plunger/French press. Remove the plunger and place the coffee grounds into the base. You may use coarsely ground filter or espresso roast beans for plunger coffee.
  2. Pour hot water into the French press. Pour hot water into the base, making sure to saturate all of the coffee grounds.
  3. Stir the coffee gently. Use a spoon or a wooden stirrer to gently stir the coffee, ensuring that all the coffee grounds are equally exposed to the hot water.
  4. Insert plunger. Insert the plunger into the French press, but don't press it down just yet.
  5. Steep the coffee. Allow the coffee to steep (soak) for 4-5 minutes, depending on how strong you want your coffee.
  6. Press the plunger. After steeping, press the plunger down slowly and evenly until it reaches the bottom of the French press.
  7. Pour and enjoy your coffee. Pour the coffee into your favourite cup or mug and enjoy your delicious French press coffee.

Note: It is recommended to use 1 to 2 tablespoons of coffee grounds for every 8 ounces of water. You can adjust the amount of coffee and steeping time to your preference.

What Other Types Of Coffee Makers Are On Sale At Harris Scarfe?

Harris Scarfe stocks a wide range of coffee makers other than plungers/presses. If you're looking to make Italian-style espresso using a traditional method, explore our range of stovetop espresso makers (also known as a percolator or moka pot) and espresso machines. If pour-over coffee is more your style, check out our Coffee Culture branded pour-overs. There's also a great range of stovetop kettles available if you prefer tea.

Master Your Morning Routine With Coffee Presses & Plungers From Harris Scarfe

Waking up to the enticing smell of a fresh brew can be the best motivation to start the day. Complete your dream at-home coffee setup with our vast range of tea & coffee-making accessories and the all-important vessel, your favourite cup or mug. Over at our Food hub, you can find information on how to brew the best cup of coffee with a variety of different methods and appliances to choose from. Start your morning right and shop coffee presses and plungers at Harris Scarfe online or in-store today!